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Grab a coffee and get curious. Brain-exercising and lightbulb-creating curiosity. Have a good rummage through communication, confidence and unsquasher tips from me - and curated by me.

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How to stop self-sabotaging and make your business thrive. A rather different kind of business book. 

This book will help you get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to take your business to the next level… and beyond!  If you’ve been going in circles or hit a plateau, Trisha’s fresh, fun and practical framework for getting unstuck and on track to creating a business you love is just what you need.

Margie Warrell – author ‘You’ve got this!’ 

Find out how 'squashed' you are - and take 5 steps towards unsquashing!

Answer the questions to assess your 'squashed' level - understand the symptoms more - and take action!

A very useful free tool!

Our brains work in mysterious ways! So we have to carry out regular forensics, audits and reframes to keep us from self-doubt spirals and self-sabotaging squashing! This 'assess and act' guide will up your self-awareness and give you 5 key unsquashing steps to work on - right now! 

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