Time to unsquash your self-belief and grab life with both hands!

You might be a student, entrepreneur, job changer, team leader, late lifer – curious complex human..? Welcome! Watch the video 🙂

If you are keen to figure out fears that are holding you back – this is a perfect place to start.

Why the small talk fear? What’s with that public speaking fear? How come you feel so ‘fake’? Why do you keep falling into all the impostor syndrome traps? How do you own your ideas and show up to share? How about working on assertiveness – the nice way?

Time to find and nurture your ‘Unsquashed Self’.

I speak from experience – and I am showing up to share 🙂

‘Unsquasher’ Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis TEDx Northwich. Beware the self squashing prophecy

Photo: Northern Powerhouse Media. TEDx Northwich

Trisha Lewis at Parthian Indoor Climbing Wall shwoing chalky hands

From reframing my childhood ‘shy’ ‘non-sporty’ labels to healing the scars of narcissistic abuse – I have done the unsquashing work!

I am an actor, dementia reminiscence facilitator and – funeral celebrant! Common link – communication.

I am a communication and confidence coach, author, podcast host and TEDx speaker (proud of that!).

I set up my coaching business later in life – after graduating with a BA degree in ‘Communication’ and just before reaching 60. Go me and my ‘growth mindset’!

Stepping into a ‘business’ world was scary – and involved facing my self doubt demons head on.

Despite being so confident on stages big and small – all of a suddent I felt like a useless non-person. I fell down all the traps that accompany a comfort zone shake up- Comparisonitis, people pleasing, taking too much ‘expert’ advice, feeling ‘all wrong’ at networking events because I was … my word… ‘self squashing’.

I worked through it.

I came out as ‘real me’ found well aligned communities in person and online. Brilliant connections – and friends.

Then I wrote a book and did a TEDx – as my unsquashed self. Every unsquashed move I took made me feel MORE unsquashed – more motivated – with more JOY, IMPACT and GROWTH (doing a ‘jig’).

I have helped a ton of fascinating people unsquash – and continue to share insights, reframes and practical tips.

I recently took up climbing – shrugging off the childhood label of ‘the non-sporty’ type!

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