Hi, I'm Trisha - your communication coach.

If you want to build truly effective relationships in business, you need to use every available communication skill to maximum effect 

If you want to maximise those skills - work with a coach.

Watch my short introduction videos below to learn more. Let's talk.

Trisha inspired me to get on and do it!


Trisha worked with me to improve my confidence in front of a camera and on video.

Hatty Fawcett - Small Business Owner

I have already been told how much more confident I appear


Trisha - fantastic help with my sales confidence

Astrid Saunders - Company Director

I loved being 'deconstructed'!


Every session was inspirational and challenging.

Julian Ahmed - Company Director



If you are open to a rigorous unpacking, shaking up, action and feedback process to get you to your most effective and authentic communicating self - this process is for you. Your need is established following an initial conversation with no set time limit (face to face or online). I learn and you get to sense my value. Investing in coaching is for those who never feel they know it all or are at their limit - it is for people with a growth mindset and desire to explore and discover new levels.

I value your individuality. I provide a trusting environment.


Whatever ‘level’ of experience you have reached - get your‘speaker skills’ refreshed and improved. If the idea of giving a talk leaves you cold or have a specific challenge - I can help. Want to relax on camera? This is your one-stop content creation and delivery boot-camp! 


Become the kind of communicator that people want to listen to - that people trust and that people want to do business with and recommend. Discover clarity of mindset, message and delivery. Become a confident, clear authentic and influential communicator.


Overcome the ‘phone call making’ block. Picking up the phone is essential for your business - and it is one of the top ‘fears’ or ‘mind blocks' amongst perfectly capable business owners and entrepreneurs. Get results and move forward to less frustration and more sales.