Unsquash Your Impact

Hi – I’m Trisha Lewis. Welcome to your unsquashing!

Unsquashed communication and confidence!

Resources for those who want to show up and share in an authentic and ‘nicely powerful’ way.

Explore | Experiment | Evaluate | Enact

explore and experiment
The Mystery of the Squashed Self
  • Explore your natural and engaging communication style.
  • Experiment by trying, observing, trying and observing! Toto!
  • Evaluate the findings and
  • Enact – in the real world.
  • Do the forensics on the FIBs that hold you back – Fears, illusions and baggage.
  • Increase awareness of mind-body behaviours that mess with confidence and impact.

Who are you and what do you need?

I’ve worked with students, employees at all levels (privately or through the company), those changing direction and having interviews or setting up a small business. I’ve worked with coaches and web designers, authors and marketeers, a building firm boss and a social worker.

I’ve worked with customer service teams and team leaders. I’ve even worked with the father of the bride!

People who want to develop confident, clear communication skills – to be (and feel) their best at work, in their business or in social situations.

  • Create and rehearse a unique talk.
  • Create and rehearse a speech.
  • Create and rehearse a presentation.
  • Create and try out social media content.
  • Rehearse an interview – job or podcast!
I just want to have more impact! (2650 × 1325 px)
  • Role play difficult conversations.
  • Increase assertiveness – nicely!
  • Spot and sort confidence blocks.
  • Networking skills – social confidence.
  • Understand the impression you make.

How can we work together on your impact?

Dare I say – it depends?

You could rummage through my articles or theese free and tiny investment resources – or work one to one.

Whatever your goal – the work we do together will be tailored to suit you.

You won’t be getting ‘templates’ and ‘magic tricks’.

My style is relaxed, fun – but also forensic!

We clarify your needs in an initial discovery call.

I send a simple proposal.

For many coaching goals we will need to plan between 4 – 8 hours of one to one time.

However – for some goals a half day, full day or 2 day block might be ideal.

And sometimes my clients have achieved a huge amount with a single bespoke ‘power hour’ session!

My fees are not scary – and there are installment options.

Oh – and HR managers – I take a brief well! My training and one to one work with companies is collaborative, bespoke and actionable.

Next Steps?

What People Say

Trisha supported me through the preparation for my first public speaking event which happened to be a TEDx. Her approach, process, style, support & encouragement, provided a safe space for me to be curious & explore my idea, content, story, intention & message. Planting seeds of action & choice, that I wanted to authentically deliver. Her partnership was confidence-building enabling me to enjoy the process, impact, and outcome. Highly recommend you get to know her.


Tina Jennings

Business Owner

It is an absolute joy to work with Trisha Lewis whose infectious and humorous approach immediately engages her audience.

With an ability to quickly analyse situations and a keen observer of human nature, Trisha is able to develop creative, bespoke and stimulating development sessions and programmes that take you on a journey where learning feels compelling and interesting.

Her significant experience and expertise make her an ideal coach and trainer and presenter for those looking to enhance skills such as listening, persuasion and negotiation, designing and delivering informal and formal presentations, thinking on your feet and communication skills.

The wellbeing of our employees is at the heart of the work that my team and I do. As we continue to enhance our caring culture Trisha work with us helps to strengthen this.

Trisha has a wealth of experience and it is a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to our sessions with her now and in the future.


Sara Hope

HR Director – Hayfield Homes

Coaching Journeys

Keynote Talk Nailed

A highly capable, bubbly business owner was feeling a bit ‘wobbly’ about being a headline speaker at a big event. We started with nailing the idea – the hook – the unique perspective and story…. then we fine tuned and rehearsed – and guess what – Janine nailed it!

Team Leader Confidence

A team leader in a hectic customer services environment was dealing with some very tricky ‘people problems’ and it was messing with their confidence. We broke the downward spiral and found that inner spark once more! Bonus – helped with their home life as well!

Presentation Breakthrough

This client was a perfect example of how a one hour session can deliver a lifetime transformation! Key learning – don’t try and be someone else – you have your own style – own it! This is very much at the core of the stories and tactics I share in my book – more here.