Develop confident communication skills and sort your inner-critic! Small business owners - let's do this! 


Your joyful impact increases when you sort your self-sabotage stuff!

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book Cover

Own your message and use your best communication and presentation skills to supercharge the know-like-trust factor and attract quality clients!

Imagine this...

Before - Frustrated

  • No idea what to post about
  • Waffle when asked what I do
  • Feel like everyone else has it sorted!
  • Working all hours - tiny income!

After - Excited

  • Got it! The story joins up!
  • I am the boss of my inner-critic!
  • I can do this as me - not a bland copy!
  • Yes! Quality connections and clients!

Something isn't quite right...

Something doesn't feel right. You are a small business owner, entrepreneur - solopreneur indeed - and you are struggling to find motivation to grow your business. How do you network, build connections on LinkedIn, fine-tune your message for your posts and website...  and still stay true to your purpose, passion and personality?

You are a thinker, possibly a perfectionist - and, whilst you know you need to be visible and do those pesky 'call to actions' - you feel 'yuk' about most kinds of marketing! 

Frustration followed by confidence dips - followed by anger and potentially rash decisions!

Is it all about 'feelings'?

No. It's about taking action. But the best actions are made from a place of feeling 'right'. 

  • Own the answer to the question 'what do you do?'
  •  Bin the stuff that doesn't feel right - and concentrating your creative energy on what does!
  • Have a talk sorted that feels uniquely 'you'.
  •  Create content that engages - and has you with a spring in your step!

Small business owners who got results!

An hour with Trisha and I finally have a clear view of where I want to be!

" Trisha is so easy to talk to and without you realising, gets you to open up and investigates in a kind way that gets results. An absolute gem and good at delving on what stands in the way."

Nicola Richardson

The People Mentor


Trisha got this former videophobe actually on video.

" A couple of sessions with Trisha later, and you will be seeing some videos from me on social media. Honestly, if I can do it then anyone can with a bit of help from Trisha. She's utterly brilliant! ."

Catherine Williams

Chapter One Books


I think a sign of effective coaching is that things change

" I like the way you encourage risk taking to achieve outcomes – you move on. An enlightening and enjoyable journey and I happily recommended you being fully confident about you and your work."

Dr Lise Lewis



Let me introduce you to Investigator Lewis - case cracking genius!

Yes - she looks a lot like me. But then I am an actor so...  

Find out how this character was born - it is a story with a business lesson you can apply to yourself. 

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