Unsquash Your Impact!

Communicate assertively as your authentic self. Find your unique perspective, show more personality and give impostor syndrome stuff a good shake up.

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Trisha Lewis

You may be preparing for an interview or TED talk, creating a video or considering a podcast guest opportunity –

You need a clear head to have instant and lasting impact!

How would you like to experience a quietly powerful mix of coaching, mentoring and directing. Quality time and a safe space to explore and experiment with mindset, content and delivery – resulting in glorious insight, impact, clarity and connection.

My clients often come to me with various common ‘pain points’ – you can see here if any of these resonate or you can simply book a discovery call.



What makes communication impactful?

You have impact when you are:-

  • Being understood
  • Getting engagement
  • Creating trust
  • Minimising defensiveness
  • Being you – but with conscious ‘tweaking’!

It starts with self-awareness – what impact are you having? It needs curiosity and a willingness to be ‘wrong’ – and requires experimenting. As an actor I have done a lot of experimenting! It’s very empowering when you realise you are in charge of your mixer board of communication sliders!

If you are here for yourself – follow the 1:1 link below – or if you are exploring workshop options for your teams follow the ‘workshops’ link.

1:1 Options

I work with individuals on their own personal development. I help small business owners articulate their message with clarity and confidence.

Workshop Options

I work with companies and organisations to develop a wide range of ‘good impact’ communication skills. All my work is tailored or fully bespoke.

Are you showing up or ‘holding back’?

I have a different perspective to offer on the much talked about ‘impostor syndrome’. It is more positive! My input is based on my own journey and 100s of conversations with connections and clients. As humans we can so easily fall into thinking patterns that create a big barrier when it comes to sharing achievements, questions and insights. Here to help!

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Client Feedback

Jonathan Goode Bournemouth University

Jonathan Goode

Alumni Relations – BU

I was struck by her energy and ability to draw the best out in people – helping to break down perceived barriers to public speaking and encouraging them to be true to their authentic selves. I would happily recommend Trisha to anyone wanting to spend time developing the effectiveness of their communication.

Rebecca Wilson Guest Trisha Lewis Make it Real podcast

Rebecca Wilson

Business Coach

I specifically wanted help on how to position the messaging around my business. I skyrocketed forward in the time we spent together. She made me feel instantly at ease and asked me insightful questions that drew out of me the answers I was looking for.

Coaching Stories

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Presentation fear communication coaching

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Team Leader Communication and Confidence Coaching
Trisha Lewis

A bit about me

I am a life long learner driven by curiosity – graduated in my late 40s (BA Hons Communication) – and set up my coaching business in my 50s. Wrote my book and delivered my TEDx talk in my 60s. No plans to retire! Oh – and a background as an actor which informs my approach – find out why

My main platform is LinkedIn – let’s connect there. On Instagram I am more about ‘nature’!

Trisha Lewis. The Mystery of the Squashed Self. Business non-fiction book for Small Business Owners

A must have resource for solo business owners who are not pushy!

The Mystery of the Squashed Self

Not another dry business book! This is story, humour AND practical. Read the ‘real’ stories of 8 frustrated entrepreneurs and then explore the driving forces behind their ‘holding back’ and ‘confused’ issues! PLUS – actionable steps.

This book will help you get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to take your business to the next level… and beyond!  If you’ve been going in circles or hit a plateau, Trisha’s fresh, fun and practical framework for getting unstuck and on track to creating a business you love is just what you need.

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