160: Are you Fighting Yourself?

Are you falling into self-doubt spirals by beating yourself up when things don’t go perfectly? You are human – it will happen.

In this episode I explore the connection between self-esteem, self-doubt and this ‘fighting with yourself’ thing!

You will go through some forensics with me – including unwrapping a real example to illustrate.

It all starts with you doing a great visualisation…


I quote from the classic book on Self-esteem –

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden.

I also refer you to other episodes – especially this one:

155 – Manage your negative self talk with this mind trick.


For more on ‘unsquashing’ your self belief – check out my TEDx talk ‘The Self Squashing Prophecy’ and my book ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’.

If you want to see this episode as a video – head over to my YouTube Channel.