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Trisha Lewis What is Self Squashing.

Are you ‘self squashing’?

1: Watch the 2-min video!

2. Complete your ‘self squashing symptom checker’ below.

3. Rummage through the resources!

Remember – you are HUMAN and not alone!

Self belief unsquashing is a journey 🙂

Just how squashed is your self belief?

COMPLETE YOUR SELF SQUASHING SYMPTOM CHECKER below – and see where you land on the ‘Squashometer’!

Just flick through the images in the embed below (or download here) – and tot up your page 2 totals on a note pad as you go!

Page 3 – The ‘Squashometer’. What does your score suggest?

Page 4 – 5 practical steps to ‘stop self-squashing’!

Page 5 – a link to a great resource!

Are you self-squashing?

I came up with this concept of ‘self squashing’ along my own ‘unsquashing’ journey (when I was researching a more familiar concept – impostor syndrome). This is a more empowering variant of impostor syndrome – and below is my definition. (Now watch my TEDx – ‘Beware the Self Squashing Prophecy’ – I share a story that brings all this to life).


The rewards of Unsquashing

You have to work at self-development – so some reward is in order! Your motivation comes from YOU – (intrinsic motivation to give it a fancy term). The more you ‘unsquash’ the more you find joy, have a postive impact and grow – personally, in business or at work… and I call that ‘doing a JIG’!! This feeds into – opportunity, good relationships, sharing… feeling motivated!

Why not do the original Impostor Syndrome Test too!

This is the real deal – free and shared by Dr Pauline Clance herself.

Another Self Squashing Symptom Check

I am a big believer in ‘making it real’ when it comes to increasing self-awareness of our inner scripts – that impostor syndrome, self-doubt spiral stuff! So – take a look at the ‘inner scripts’ in the circles below. Any of these sprials resonate with you? You could call them ‘vicious circles’ of non-helpful self-talk!

Keep working on your self-belief – your unsquashed jig – with these resources


The Podcast

Formerly known as ‘Make It Real’!

I was immediately drawn to her natural, lighthearted style. No stuffy formalities and each episode is something new and meaningful. It’s a refreshing change from all the über-business podcasts out there. iTunes 5-Star review

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book cover

The Book

The Mystery of The Squashed Self

I have lots of actions to take which will result into me being more myself and therefore making my business truly unique. It is the sort of book where you feel ‘held’ supported and understood in a really clever way.” Joanna Lott


The TEDx

Beware the Self Squashing Prophecy

I really like the distinction Trisha makes between “imposter syndrome” and “self squashing”. We all need to learn how to not squash ourselves, to show up for sharing our knowledge with others. Arno Ilgner

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