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Resources to help you show up to share your ideas, achievments and questions – because showing up to share is not the same as shwoing off!

As a small business owner with a personal brand and a rebellious attitude towards paid advertising, flashy social media and pushy DMs…. I have had to discover a way of being visible that doesn’t make my soul feel crushed…. enter my mission to keep you ‘Unsquashed’ and showing up!

As humans we will always have a bit of self-doubt (unless you are in the ‘Dunning Kruger’ club) but sometimes we are frozen by the kind of self-doubt that is driven by FIBs – Fears, Illusions and Baggage.

Whether you’ve been running your own business for years or you are in the very early stages of bringing an idea to life – you will have confidence dips and irrational fears!

Maybe you label these dips as the much talked about ‘impostor syndrome’. But does it fit with everthing you hear about impostor syndrome – or ‘phenomenon’ as it was originally referred to my Clance and Imes.

Is it a ‘self-esteem’ thing? You are now going down the self doubt spiral!

Do you really feel you are not ‘good enough’ or ‘as good as’ – or is it some other kind of self-doubt that sometimes messes with your head and holds you back?

‘Unsquashed’ and ‘Self Squashing’ – A short explainer

Are you self-squashing?

In many ways this is a far more positive approach to your confidence dips – it acknowledges that you are rather wonderful!

All of this is delved into in all my resources – many are free! First step – listen to the 13 minute TEDx talk. I share a ‘networking’ story that I suspect will resonate.


Useful Podcast

The Podcast formerly known as ‘Make It Real’!

“Trisha’s podcast is funny, honest and real. With no airs and graces, she gets down to business by interviewing some of the great and the good independent business owners who stand out through their content and the communities they build. It’s recommended for anyone looking to do the same – not through cheats and shortcuts but through the creation of an authentic presence.” John Espirian – Apple 5-Star review

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book cover

Useful Book

The Mystery of The Squashed Self

“Beautiful, humorous and spot-on book which will help female coaches consultants and business owners unsquash themselves. It is laugh out loud it’s so true and really easy to read. I have lots of actions to take which will result into me being more myself and therefore making my business truly unique. It is the sort of book where you feel ‘held’ supported and understood in a really clever way.” Joanna Lott – Amazon 5-Star


Useful TEDx

Beware the Self Squashing Prophecy

I really like the distinction Trisha makes between “imposter syndrome” and “self squashing”. We all need to learn how to not squash ourselves, to show up for sharing our knowledge with others. Nice message Trisha: “I’m not showing up to show off; I’m showing up to share.” The former seems more like an imposter trying not to be an imposter. The latter seems to shift the focus from us to connecting with others. That in itself diminishes the squashing effect. Arno Ilgner

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