PUBLICATION 01 april 2021

The Mystery of the Squashed Self

How to stop self-sabotaging and make your business thrive

Who is this book for?

This book has been written with love and fuelled by oodles of real life stories.  It's a tool to ramp up your self-awareness as a business owner. 

  • Are you a frustrated, but fabulous, female business owner who feels like you are losing motivation, passion, personality and power?
  • Are you feeling stuck in the traps of people-pleasing, blurred boundaries and conformity?
  • Are you driven, but don’t feel like you are in the driving seat of yourself or your small business?


Cracking the Mystery...

This book will get you unsquashed. You will be visible and credible as the authentic you with a thriving small business rather than a sort of surviving business.

The Mystery of the Squashed Self is a business book with a difference - full of value wrapped in warmth and humour. This is for the thinking - maybe over-thinking - woman growing (or changing) their own business - and falling into self-sabotaging slumps.
Oh yes - we all have an inner squasher -  bit of impostor syndrome …. call it what you may - it keeps popping up! 

The Mystery of the Squashed Self will help you understand the drivers of your inner critic.

Trisha has crafted a unique blend of cozy mystery with crucial mindsets and success strategies - all laced with her wit and charm. A valuable read that’s fun throughout!

Margie Warrel - author "You've Got This!"


The eight cases are built around real stories shared by my clients, as well as my personal experience of setting up a business, self-squashing – and finally unsquashing!

Spot the symptoms and effects of self-squashing, then understand the possible causes - you might be surprised!

WIth each case there is a ‘crack your own case’ action to take. Real story, real research and real action.

You might feel I have read your mind!

meet the characters

Between the ‘setting the scene’ and ‘big reveal’ chapters - you hear the stories of 8 ‘stuck’ business owners when they knock on the door of Private Investigator Lewis. Clues are spotted.

The Investigator promptly shares her notes with colleague Professor P - who explains the drivers behind the behaviours and feelings. She shares research and quotes that inform the Investigator’s report and recommendations.

Want to read an extract and listen to an audio file?

A short Review

This is one of the videos on my YouTube channel - many more to rummage through on the topics in the book.