164: How to negotiate with your self-doubt.

Next time you fall into a self-doubt spiral full of negative self-talk getting you nowhere – try this! Use the ‘principled negotiation’ technique espoused by Fisher and Ury (expert negotiators) – to negotiate with your emotions and inner chat!

In this episode I explore two of the ingredients of ‘principled negotiation’ – Separate the people from the problem – and – Focus on interests not positions – and flip them to a negotiation with your own thoughts/emotions/assumptions and baggage!

Practical tool – we explore when, why and how to use this technique – on your self!

I wrap up with some powerful quotes from two classic books I’ve had on my shelf since uni days – referenced below.

Pull yourself up before you fall down the self doubt spiral and achieve – nothing!

REFERENCES in this episode:

Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher and William Ury 

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman 

Borkovec – research on ‘worry’

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