161: Why do we overreact?

If you have ever burst out into tears, ‘lost it’ or gone into a mild form of panic attack – and regretted that public display of intense emotion – this is for you! If you are human – this is for you.

In this episode I invite my imaginary guest (a new feature) – Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) – to share insights on a powerful part of our brain – the ‘amygdala’.  

We also look at the part played by your ‘triggers’ – your very individual ‘stuff’ – including your learning style.

As always – a story or two to illustrate, the forensics to better understand – and some action steps to try out.

Nothing wrong with intense emotions – all part of our survival instincts – but…

they sometimes kick off without a obvious reason … and potentially creating awkward or ‘squashing’ after effects.

I also refer to a book by Steve Haines – ‘Anxiety is Really Strange’.

There will be a video of this episode on my YouTube channel – and transcript available in the shownotes on my website.