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45 Ben M Roberts – Building your credibility Factor

Ben M Roberts



Loved this chat - humour and practical perfect blend!

DO NOT forget the 'M' - as Ben says there are a lot of Ben Roberts out there! Very few of this Ben though - he is unique.

Ben has a very human, real approach to marketing. He calls out the buzzword-jargon and champions organic growth - earned credibility and engagement. We talk about the practical ways of growing your credibility through blogs, talks, books and interviews. Ben gets very enthused on the topic of leveraging the 'interview era'!

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Links to resources mentioned

Fascinating things we talk about

  • The power of 'Earned' marketing - why it should come first
  • Building your community
  • Short and Long-term 'wins'
  • Gathering reviews
  • Speaking at events
  • Longevity of good content
  • Ways of leveraging the 'interview era'

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