159: Can you Fake your Personality?

‘Just be yourself’ – what does that mean to you? This well meaning advice needs a closer look. In this episode you’ll discover that personality is not a label or stone sculpture round our neck – we can become something we are not without being a con artist! We can adopt what Brian R Little calls – a ‘free trait’. Intriqued?

Listen to this short unsquasher episode to learn more – and gain insights into ways in which you can ‘be yourself’ a bit differently!

The way you approach interviews, presentations, networking conversations and all sorts of situations – will be greatly enhanced by understanding more about your eminently mutable self! Health and happiness benefits too!

Referenced in this episode: Book – Me, Myself and Us by Brian R Little

Research – Self monitoring Scale – Mark Snyder (1979) See this article from ‘The Cut’ – where you will also find the scale itself.

Video version of this episode.

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