157: Feed Your Growth. Alan Braithwaite

As a human you are motivated to learn, develop and grow. But it can’t just be about study and fancy qualifications surely. What are the basic feeders of personal growth or even business, hobby skills growth?

Welcome to an episode full of those growth feeders.

My guest Alan Braithwaite (see previous episode with Emily Braithwaite) – is co founder of ‘Yellow Tuxedo’ – helping businesess be visible online.  But he and Emily have also built a brilliant community called ‘Digital Circus’ – helping smaller businesses by real practical tips and – so much more.  That ‘more’ is the power of a team. The growth ingredient of working together – and we unwrap that in this conversation.

Alan is a proud Scout leader – and you will be surprised by the learnings from this that are so relevant to us all as growing humans!

As Alan says:

“It’s about fun, safety and adventure. And all of a sudden, you’re an adult with all of these skills that you don’t really remember learning then they just built into you.”

From  a Top Gun Maverick mantra to Scouting stories to very real observations about community, fun, motivation – squashing and unsquashing – this is a rich listen.

Alan Braithwaite is the co-founder of Yellow Tuxedo.  –  The online visibility specialists.