150: Narcissistic Abuse – understand and heal. Guest Amanda Craven

Don’t let that narcissist squash your self-belief!

You have heard about narcissists – but how do you know if one is in your life? How do you know that your deflating, inhibiting lack of self-belief is due to ongoing or past narcissistic abuse? My guest Amanda Craven is a clinical hypnotherapist who helps people recover from emotional trauma. Amanda shares her personal story – as does your host! Insights and practical steps as always.

…you become aware that you are maybe stuffing down your opinions, your desires, or maybe you’re starting to realise that actually, you you don’t even know what your preferences are, because they’ve been ironed out quite a long time ago, in order to accommodate this this person in your life.

Amanda Craven

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Amanda Craven Guest Self Belief Unsquashed Ep. 150 Narcissistic Abuse


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