NB: Public events will be listed here and on Eventbrite as and when they are planned.

For your event - Flexible timings - Respond to brief

I have a pro bono allocation each year for charities and educational establishments. 

Tame your Inner Critic

Perfect for groups, organisations or educational establishments.

Investigating this thing called 'Impostor Syndrome' with humour, story and some 'brain stuff' . How does it show up, why, what are the consequences and importantly - tactics.

How to sell without selling!

A public access workshop for small business owners - dates announced on here and Eventbrite. This is also available to event organisers - let's discuss.

How to make people want you - so you don't have to sell to them! How to be consistently authentic online and offline - from networking to LinkedIn posts and everything in between! How to be a real person who connects in a human way - and engages the kind of people you want to! What is your 'style' and how does it work across the board?

For your employees - Flexible timings - Respond to brief

Standard fee: £295 per person (min 6 delegates). Travel and other factors discussed. 

Presentation Refreshed

A fresh new way of working on presentation skills - from mindset to content to delivery - and all together! Plenty of doing - not just theory. Respecting that we are all individuals. Making sure you are ready to put yourself out there and get heard! 

Authentic Leadership

To equip aspiring and established leaders with tactics to apply the '7 qualities of natural leadership':

  • Presence
  • Warmth
  • Awareness
  • Clarity
  • Courage
  • Vision
  • Honesty

Women in the Boardroom

Exploring group communication and self-doubt. Tactics to achieve the essential balances: 

  • Warmth/strength
  • Inclusiveness/decision making
  • Self-awareness/perspective taking