Real you-relevant message-real impact

Try before you Post!

A highly accessible service for those still finding their video wings!

You submit a first try - I give feedback (via video) - you submit again!

4 'takes' later you feel good about pressing that post button and sharing your video with the world!

They Say

Tracey Beesley

De-clutterer - Business Owner

I had built up a fear of doing videos (goodness only knows why) but I had. Trisha supported and guided me towards a clearer message - invaluable

Marie Smith

Coach - Business owner

I shy away from doing videos but had to do one for my website After a lot of laughs and retakes I got there! Trisha has patience, skills and sense of humour!

How does this work?

This is all done on video - you submit videos - I feedback in a video

  1. 1
    Fill in the form below. You receive a response with more details on the process - and an invoice for - ready for this - just £90.00. (Full refund if you feel the service you receive does not match the service I promise).
  2. 2
    You decide on the message you want to focus on in your video - and where it will go - and then you have a go at your Take #1 (rough and NOT perfect!) You send this to me by WeTransfer, Loom or Google Drive. 
  3. 3
    You receive your objective feedback - with suggested tweaks on message and delivery. This is done by video. You then go for Take #2. 
  4. 4
    This process is repeated - up to 4 Takes.  You will feel GREAT about that video and eager to share on the platform of your choice. PLUS - the insights you have as a result of this input will apply to other areas of your communication - result!

All this for £90.00 

Step 1 - Complete the form below