Video confidence coaching

Feel more confident on video

You're growing your business and need to to be seen.  If only you had that magical 'video confidence'.

What's stopping you?

This video tells you about the coaching

If only you could feel more confident on video - you would do them more - and engage the right people! You have heard all the advice about making good videos to raise the visibility of your business. You know you need to build the 'know, like, trust' factor by showing more of who you are... but there is a blockage. 

Read on...

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Video communication Confidence
  • What do I talk about on video?
  • How do I stop feeling so self-conscious?
  • How do I come across as natural - but not too natural?
  • How do I stop my 'um and er' and rambling on video?
  • Can I ever feel motivated to bother?
  • Will I ever feel more confident on video?

Yes, you can feel more confident on video - work with me!

This video confidence coaching is:
  • starting with you as an individual
  • finding content that connects - with you and them
  • growing confidence through rehearsal
  • a fim foundation - not a quick magic trick
  • bespoke - but not budget blowing.
This video confidence coaching is not:
  • about fancy sets, lighting or special effects.
  • a '10 top tips' template for content!
  • a 'stand like this' 'speak like this' formula.
Gillian Whitney Episode 65 Make it Real Podcast

If you were to look up "Communication" in the dictionary, you'd probably find a photo of Trisha Lewis. She is an excellent communicator on so many levels. She is a master of the written word (love her book), audio (she produces a fab podcast), and her acting talents shine through in all her videos. I was thrilled to have her as a guest on my LinkedIn Live... she was an absolute delight. For anyone that wants to be a better communicator, I highly suggest you look into working with Trisha.

Gillian Whitney - Easy Peasy Video
Catherine Williams Chapter One Books

I was hoping I could upload a video here – to prove that Trisha got this former videophobe actually on video. And not just on video but confidently on video. JFDI never worked for me – I needed to understand what was holding me back and get some strategies at the ready to overcome those issues. A couple of sessions with Trisha later, and you will be seeing some videos from me on social media. Honestly, if I can do it then anyone can with a bit of help from Trisha. She's utterly brilliant! 

Catherine Williams - Book Designer

How this works

  1. 1

    Click the link below to book your initial 'Unsquasher Hour Plus' on Zoom. Secure payment at this stage. You receive confirmation, Zoom link reminder - and pre-session 'thought-nudger' questions.

  2. 2

    We meet online for your one-to-one brainstorming session. We find and filter your message and identify how this will best resonate with your target audience. We discuss delivery styles that will suit your (and your business) personality. We identify inner-critic barriers and raise self-awareness. You have your brief - all set for your first video try-out.

  3. 3

    You use the brief to record a short video (max 3 mins). This is for our eyes only. You submit via a transfer option (Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive etc). I then observe and send you feedback in video form. I will be taking you through your video - pausing at the good and not so good parts and suggesting tweaks for you to try in your next recording. This record/submit/feedback loop is repeated 3 times in total.

  4. 4

    After feedback number 3 - you will feel enthused to post the video! You will also have content ideas for future videos and posts. You will have identified your personal style. You will have avoided falling into the 'should' trap - and the 'comparisonitis' spiral! You understand how to engage and grow the know/like/trust factor - YOUR way. 

Ready to get video confident?

Let's get a date in the diary - use the booking option below.  

Video Confidence Coaching Package

1-hour brainstorming

3 x video submissions/feedback loops.

Summary notes.


Step 1: Book your initial set up 'Unsquasher Hour' - diary link and easy secure payment.

Easy booking - choose your day/time and pay securely via Paypal. Full refund policy.

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