Let’s shake up Impostor Syndrome!

Let’s start with a few questions:

  • Have you heard the term ‘Impostor Syndrome’?
  • Do you think you ‘have it’?
  • What is it?
  • Why do you ‘get it’?
  • Are you doomed forever?
  • Is there a way to NOT have it?
  • Is there another way of thinking about these ‘feelings’? – Watch the Video!!

Here are 2 more questions:

  • What if your ‘impostor syndrome’ feelings are connected to something positive?
  • What if there were 3 steps between the ‘holding back’ you and the ‘showing up to share’ you?

And here are some answers!

  • It’s a feeling! You are holding back – you are not being yourself – you think people might judge you negatively…
  • You are not doomed! Whilst the human part of you will always get ‘feelings’ – you can learn to spot and sort – and move beyond.
  • Maybe it is not the conventional definition of ‘feeling you are a fake, not good enough’ – maybe you are great – but worry about being judged as a show off!
  • If you find yourself people pleasing or following advice blindly. If you are sharing content that is bland… you might be self-squashing!

Introducing Self Squashing®

Be part of the Unsquashing Project

What is the ‘Unsquashing Project’?

  • A fresh take on ‘impostor syndrome’.
  • To encourage individuals to lead the way in ‘showing up to share’ as their unsquashed self.
  • To raise awareness of how easily we compare, copy and contort to avoid being ‘rejected’.  To call out the FIBs that hold us back. (Fears, Illusions and Baggage).
  • To encourage the sharing of individual insights, achievements and questions – breaking through the fear of being judged as a ‘show off’.
  • The impetus for this project comes from personal experience and hundreds of conversations – this ‘self-squashing’ thing is a thing!
  • Building on my book and TEDx talk – and the realisation that my message was hitting home with a young generation.

By sharing this page you are part of creating an unsquashed mindset – where people feel able to share insights, achievments and questions without fear of rejection. A world of curious mindset individuals. There will be a ripple effect – the more this conversation is shared.

If you are an entrepreneur/business owner:

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If you are in education:

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