Unsquasher Hour

Do you feel stuck?

Not uncommon for small business owners. You are driven, full of ideas and you know your service or product helps others... but you have too many ideas and pesky confidence dips are sending you down self-doubt spirals.


The objective quality time of an UNSQUASHER HOUR  equips you with clarity, motivation and a priority list of actions. 

You will also spot some of your embedded 'self-squashing' barriers - and barriers between you and that ideal client.

Time to get in the driving seat rather than in the passenger seat being driven all over the place by noise and self-doubts. 
Janet Williams Trisha Lewis Coaching Testimonial

I feel so empowered and more confident and have gained more clarity. Trisha has this special gift of caring deeply and strengthening people - and helping you to clear your head. 

Janet Williams
Gemma Murphy Trisha Lewis Coaching Testimonial

Trisha really helped me make sense of what I was trying to say (not so eloquently) and helped me to put it in a way that meant I could say it with confidence as well as be understood. 

Gemma Murphy

What challenges could we work on?

Based on real small business owners who have used this service

Content Themes

You are either not sharing posts or videos or sharing them and feeling they are a bit 'not you'! We find the hook that connect you with them.

Answering 'What do you do?'

Transformative! I ask you this 'simple' question - and you answer it. And then we try it again - and have a laugh - and pull it apart - until it feels just right!

Change of direction clarity

You are about to set up a business or you change the direction in your current one. But self-doubt has set in and nothing seems to make sense!

Courage to be different

Where is your secret sauce? Lost it? Not found it? You need it! You don't need to be loud and flashy to be visible - you do need to be you though.

Trisha Lewis communication and confidence coaching

How does it work?

The practicalities and tangible takeaways

Book your spot

Simple diary and payment link - press the button.  Full refund if you need to cancel or change to future date. PayPal - secure payment. 

Follow up

You will get the session recording and your unsquasher notes:- key themes and squashers plus relevant resources and action plan.

Zoom 1:1 session

You will have the link as soon as you book - and you will also have a pre-session 'thought-nudger' to complete (short and sweet). 

Special offer

You might decide to progress to the longer term 'Unsquashed Impact Programme' - as an unsquasher graduate you receive a bonus!

Don't know where to start?

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