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Trisha Lewis – a Bit of Bio

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Short story style bio – as in ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’ book

Trisha Lewis is forensic about how you communicate with yourself and others. Through a series of ‘misaligned’ jobs, the actor in her kept popping back up. She became a professional actor in the 1990s, just before becoming a mother again at 38. Auditioning and rehearsal schedules became impossible, so she created one-woman plays to fit around parenting. After many tours and associated adventures as a presenter, speaker and reminiscence facilitator, she leapt out of her comfort zone and into the business world. This provided the trigger for getting forensic with long-standing self-doubt and misalignment. Trisha is now a happy communication coach, podcast host and speaker and author, living as her unsquashed self on the south coast.

Author Bio below (Amazon Author)

Communication coach, actor and business owner, Trisha Lewis, empowers women to find and be their ‘unsquashed self’ – released from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘self-doubt spirals’.

Trisha has a background as a freelance actor, entertainer, speaker and story facilitator. She set up her communication coaching business in 2016 – at the age of 59. She now works with women starting or growing their own business – with soul and originality.

Trisha pulls on her life and business growing experiences along with common themes in her client work – to ensure her written and spoken resources resonate. This includes her popular  ‘Make it Real’ podcast.

‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’ is Trisha’s first full length book – and true to form it brings the challenges of 8 fictional, but reality based, business owners to life. The common link being ‘self-squashing’.  Trisha took her own advice when deciding to write a business book that didn’t follow the standard style!

Trisha lives by the seaside on the south coast of the UK with her husband. Her children are all grown up and she has no pets – other than the robotic vacuum cleaner which she admits to talking to.

Bio – podcast/voice related work

Trisha Lewis is an actor, facilitator, business coach and podcast host – with engaging communication and listening being the common factor.

Her popular  ‘Make it Real’ interview based podcast is aimed at business owners wanting to grow without selling their soul. The ‘being real’ theme is also core to her business book –  ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’.

Her podcast guests are amazed at how instantly they feel relaxed and able to let conversation flow naturally. Listeners describe her as a ‘wonderfully friendly host with a very easy to listen to voice’ – ‘it feels like she’s in the room with you’.

Trisha has decades of experience as a professional performer and speaker – with a TEDx talk confirmed for 2022.  Her communication skills have been honed from this experience and enriched by an academic underpinning in the psychology of human communication.

I was delighted to host the 2021 Live Trials Stage Podcast – joint project between National Electricity providers and government – so you see I can be flexible! I take a brief well.

Beyond coaching and workshops – I am very happy to discuss the following:

  • Being on your podcast
  • Being on your panel
  • Being an interviewer on your behalf
  • Audio book narration or other voice-over needs.

Areas of interest and experience – ask me about…

  • Impostor Syndrome related – but with a twist  – Unsquash your squashed-self
  • Engaging an audience – finding the ‘sweet spot of impact’
  • The struggles of avoiding ‘shoulds’ and remaining real in business
  • Using the power of story and vulnerability – but tactically – ‘vulnerability weaving’
  • Starting and maintaining a podcast – without flashy stuff – why and how
  • How having a signature talk will grow your business
  • Networking – finding your tribe
  • Instant Rapport building – trust breakers.
  • The FIBs that hold us back – Fears, illusions and baggage
  • Applying an actor’s rehearsal process to building your business
  • Writing your first non-fiction book
  • Hosting a podcast

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book cover

The Mystery of The Squashed Self

The book – published April 2021.

Available on Amazon.

More detail here.

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photograph by Hattie Miles … 25.07.2019 … Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis Close Up Profile Photo

photograph by Hattie Miles … 25.07.2019 …

Trisha Lewis

photograph by Hattie Miles (please credit) … 14.12.2020 … Trisha Lewis who’s written ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’.

Trisha Lewis

photograph by Hattie Miles (please credit) … 14.10.2020 … Trisha Lewis who’s written ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’.

Trisha Lewis

photograph by Hattie Miles (please credit) … 14.10.2020 … Trisha Lewis who’s written ‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’.

Trisha Lewis on stage

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