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Beyond coaching and workshops - I am very happy to discuss the following:

  • Being on your podcast
  • Being on your panel
  • Being an interviewer on your behalf
  • Audio book narration or other voice-over needs.

Areas of interest and experience - ask me about...

  • Impostor Syndrome - but with a twist (Ask me about 'Show-off fear')
  • Engaging an audience - finding the 'sweet spot of impact'
  • The struggles of avoiding 'shoulds' and remaining real in business
  • Using the power of story and vulnerability - but tactically - 'vulnerability weaving'
  • Starting and maintaining a podcast - without flashy stuff - why and how
  • How having a signature talk will grow your business
  • Networking - finding your tribe


Please feel free to use this text and any of the images below. If you want the bio slanted to a particular area of interest - let me know.

Trisha Lewis ensures you get listened to, engaged with and trusted when you interact. She is all about releasing your full confidence, clarity and communication skills. With exploring and rehearsing she helps you break down the barriers in your head, and the heads of those you want to engage. 

Trisha helps clients to be and feel assertive authentically by knocking the 'shoulds' and the 'show-off fears' on the head. She helps individuals stand out as engaging thought-leaders without selling their soul.

Her background as a professional actor, facilitator and speaker - not to mention human, plus academic underpinning in all things communication - inform the one-to-one and group coaching she carries out online or face to face in sunny Bournemouth.

Trisha hosts The Make It Real Podcast - interviews with small business owners who know how challenging it is to stay focused, motivated and true to your values while growing a business. 

Video evidence of Trisha can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube - including her alter-ego 'Private Investigator Lewis'.

All links are on her website trishalewis.com

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photograph by Hattie Miles ... 25.07.2019 ... Trisha Lewis

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photograph by Hattie Miles ... 25.07.2019 ...

Investigator Lewis

Investigator Lewis - Can be used for PR for book (coming soon)

Online links

Email me: hello@trishalewis.com

Get to know my voice and tone - it is human!

This is the first episode of my podcast - a short introduction.

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Highly intuitive coach and natural communicator. Pulling on background as a professional actor, speaker and facilitator - plus the academic underpinning in all things communication. My mission is to show every individual wanting to succeed in business - employed or self-employed - that they can do this as themselves - they can have impact without selling their soul - from a conversation to a presentation.

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