Communication Skills Training

Communication and people - both make your company work. Investing in communication skills training is a must for productivity and motivation.

Training has to engage and motivate - and offer clarity.

This feedback will reassure you that my training delivers!

Trisha offers insightful, interesting and thought-provoking training, picking up on subtleties that others miss and providing a must-have communications toolkit for anyone who wants to be a highly effective people manager. 

Highly recommended!

Alison Morton 

Beyond Retail Ltd

As an Alumni of the Year Award winner, Trisha is always keen to give back. She delivered a masterclass on public speaking for Interns. She draws the best out in people - and breaks down perceived barriers to public speaking and encourages attendees to be true to their authentic selves.

Jonathan Goode 

BU Alumni Relations

Trisha instantly understood the brief - I was able to relax!

She was very easy to work with as we prepared for the event. She adapted to the audience. Trisha’s natural abilities in communication and empathy ensured the event ran smoothly and on time. A safe space for creativity to flow.

Caroline Brown -

Liverpool Victoria

Communication Skills Training

All training is adapted to suit the attendees, the needs and the practicalities. I am happy to discuss bespoke options.

In person or via Zoom (or similar). Small groups to maximum of 16 attendees (with flexibility according to need).

The 'Train the Trainer' workshop is also delivered as a simulation of 'virtual training'.

Train the Trainer

To work on flow, engagement, learning styles and challenging dynamics.

The focus will be on:

Engagement and Boundaries

  • Keeping individuals engaged and learning (different learning styles and personalities).
  • Clear concise instruction – delivered with an understanding of ‘perspectives’ and option for questions.
  • Challenging situations – dealing with emotions.
  • Q & A management

Public Speaking 

To work on removing key barriers to engagement and confidence.  

The focus will be on:

Engagement and Enjoyment

  • Get forensic with fear. Spot thinking habits and get out of your head and into their heads.
  • Preparation/Content/Delivery working together not separately - to achieve engagement and enjoyment for all.
  • Using story - Analogy, metaphor and real life.
  • Q & A management

Being Assertive Nicely 

To work on communicating with a strong/warm balance.

The focus will be on:

Engagement and Balance

  • Key tactics for instant rapport with strangers - facilitating relaxed communication.
  • Key ingredients of 'authenticity' and 'assertiveness'. Communicating with a Strong- Warm balance.
  • Saying no nicely. Adapting to the situation.
  • Verbals and non-verbals

Pre and post coaching ‘reflections’ and action plans.

Let's have a conversation. Phone, email or book a zoom chat through my diary link.

Or use the contact page.

Confidence Training - 'Release your full impact'

The Story

When inner critic demons come out to play - confidence runs away! 

I have developed a number of resources that unwrap confidence, anger, fear and frustration-  self-doubt dips and impact barriers. You might be familiar with 'impostor syndrome' - I take a less discussed perspective on and around this - having worked on myself and listened to the stories of many clients over the years. My approach works! In my videos, podcast, talks and book (published March 2021) I talk about 'unsquashing the squashed self'.

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