The Mystery of the Squashed Self – Meet the Characters

Investigator Lewis

Investigator Lewis combines curiosity and the desire to solve. She knows how to ask the right questions and has honed her listening skills. She has pretty good instincts – but is well aware that assumptions can lead her down the wrong alley way! She keeps an open mind until all the part of the puzzle are explored and they start to piece together. If she wasn’t a private investigator, she would make a cracking communication coach! She likes to do a thorough job in wrapping up her cases – and that is where her colleague Professor P comes in.They work well together – instincts corroborated by intellect you might say.

Ok – you got me bang to rights!This is me.The ‘actor me’, ‘people watching me’, ‘geeky academic me’ ‘story loving me’. I could never resist a dressing up box and some props…

A little more about Professor P

The Professor and Investigator have an interesting friendship – bonded with tolerance and respect!

Professor P was often called on by the police in her capacity as a forensic psychologist. In a previous life, Lewis was a policewoman. This is how they met and struck up a friendship in the canteen. Lewis interrogated the Professor over beans on toast!

Professor P is good at geeky reasoning.

What might lie behind the behaviours and feelings?What does their brain do? What has research revealed?She has famous friends in the world of academia.

Lewis knows that working as a team means leads to writing up the best reports in town!

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book Cover

These characters are both from my new book: The Mystery of the Squashed Self.  More info & to order >

This is where the story involves you.Repeat after me: ‘Being myself won’t limit me’.

The Coming Out Parade

Have you fully come out as ‘you’? Many of us are self-squashing out of a very human fear of rejection – you won’t be alone.

The Investigator came to life when I faced that fear.Nothing bad happened – only good.I am not suggesting you dress up by the way. I just want you to question the assumption you are going along with.

‘I can’t be like that in the business world – they won’t take me seriously.’That assumption leads to frustration.

But how do you start facing the fear and taking that first step into the spotlight – naked!Not actually naked – you know what I mean.

In true Investigator Lewis style – I will lay out my recommendations…

drawing of case file


  1. Find your tribe.
  2. Baby steps sharing more of you with your tribe.
  3. Put your gut feelings through the ‘Rationality Filter.’
  4. Take a more public step – and note you didn’t die!
  5. Own it – enjoy it.
  6. Encourage others to unsquash – by leading the way.

In The Mystery of the Squashed Self – I demonstrate how to use the ‘Rationality Filter’ – here is just one example:

I ADORE your book. It’s like you’ve climbed inside my head and written it just for me. I saw myself in both Client S and Client T so I imagine there will be plenty of readers who do the same thing. The ‘create your own case’ is brilliant as it gets the reader involved (and accountable). 

I loved every word. You have a fabulous ‘voice’ for writing – plenty of humour without being flippant.

Shelley Wilson – Author & Writer

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book cover

The Mystery of the Squashed Self