Off the shelf (tweaked)

Get Real with Impostor Syndrome

This talk doesn't just explain the symptoms of Impostor Syndrome with real examples, it also highlights the real consequences and then crucially offers real solutions! Plenty of real stories, humour and plenty of inspiration and motivation.

Make it Real

Inspired by my journey and the experience and expertise of my Podcast guests! Authenticity is more than a word! What does it really mean and how do you 'do it' online and offline? How to you stay true to yourself and connect with others in a consistent, engaging way... no cheesy stuff, no hype, no copy-cat strategies. There is a hunger for 'real' connection more than ever.  Humourous, relevant and real!

How to be strong and likable

Are you  being a people pleaser? Are you blending in for fear of offending? Are you assuming you have to be aggressive to be assertive! How can you be connected whilst having boundaries - is there a gender thing going on with the whole strong/warm associations? This exploration is full of light-bulb moments. Stories of leaders who have the balance just right - and practical tactics on how to get the balance right.

Give me a brief

My background as an actor and speaker - and creative writer/producer - enables me to take a brief and deliver an engaging talk on just about anything to be honest! I can be as entertaining as you like - or profound and cerebral! I can inspire from a big stage or encourage discussion from a small space! I am ridiculously adaptable and a safe pair of hands.  

About the Author

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Highly intuitive coach and natural communicator. Pulling on background as a professional actor, speaker and facilitator - plus the academic underpinning in all things communication. My mission is to show every individual wanting to succeed in business - employed or self-employed - that they can do this as themselves - they can have impact without selling their soul - from a conversation to a presentation.

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