Stop Feeding Impostor Syndrome

So many resources to help you spot and sort any elements of Impostor Syndrome Feelings that are holding you back or burning you out! Take your pick.

Just a quick check in.

Ever felt any of the following?

  • Under-qualified (despite qualifications!)
  • On the edge of being 'found out' as a fraud
  • Fearful of failure and/or success
  • Inauthentic, alien, outside looking in
  • Awkward about receiving compliments
  • Unable to delegate as any mistakes will be disastrous
  • Over sensitive or defensive in face of criticism
  • The need to please everyone
  • Unable to speak up against group thinking

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Recommended Resources

Facebook Group -

Stop Feeding Impostor Syndrome

Come on in! The group is growing and as you would expect it is populated by fascinating, supportive individuals.  

  • Daily tactics
  • Regular 'just spotted' insight videos
  • Monthly fb lives to deep delve on a relevant topic
  • Curated links

YouTube Channel

A collection of short videos that discuss very real symptoms of Impostor Syndrome - and offer some strategies to sort!

Regularly added to.

While you are there - check out the other playlists on presentation skills, public speaking fears and communication generally!

One to one coaching

This is a ridiculously accessible offer for small business owners who are serious about self-development and pulling out all the stops to make their business work - but have limited funds! I use tried and tested (including on myself) strategies to help you spot and sort the Impostor Syndrome feelings that are creating a barrier. Limited intake - waiting list available!

Book a 15 mins exploratory call to have a proper chat!

As if that is not enough! Book to be published soon!

Sign up to join the publication announcement list! You might just receive a special discount code as a reward for being keen!

I'm excited! After a lifetime learning journey - accelerated since setting up my own communication coaching business a few years ago - I have created a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing the unhelpful self-doubt barrier that is impostor syndrome.  The book is coming! Keep updated.

Then there are the Impostor Syndrome talks and workshops 

Educational establishments, conferences, events - from short discussion-provokers to full day workshops and everything in between.