Speaker Coaching

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the challenge, the process and the outcome

Sarah Hamilton-Gill HR Consultant

Trisha takes you to a place where you shine .

With an upcoming presentation in London I was keen to try out some new ways of engaging the audience . Trisha worked with me on concept, content , design , dress rehearsal and ongoing coaching . The end result was an audience of inspired people who thanked me for the presentation. The process was at times challenging , stepping outside the box and trusting someone with a really important job . You may be wondering whether you really need a coach , after all you’ve been doing it for years ! Well yes you do . Refresh your approach , challenge yourself and trust Trisha - she will take you to a place where you shine .

Signature Talk Sorted

9 - hours + Day (or 2 x half-day) live rehearsal - 5 months

£ 400.00 per month (5 months)

  • Benefits of other programmes
  • Discover your speaker self 
  • Create signature talk (flexible)
  • Rehearse in 'theatre'*

*If based outside the UK - or in a location where the in-person rehearsal is impractical -

I use an online version of rehearsal - still 'making it real'.

Who is this for?

  • Speaker Newbies
  • Established speakers
  • Those wanting to establish themselves as thought-leaders - or simply raise visibility
  • Those in companies responsible for inspiring potential investors, clients or collaborators
  • Anyone with an idea they want to share - with impact
  • Preparing for an event such as TED/TEDx 


  • All eyes on you - centre stage
  • You inspire - lasting effect
  • People remember how you made them feel
  • You come alive - a person and a story
  • People talk about you to others
  • You stand out from the crowd
  • People tweet - the word spreads
  • You are a thought-leader

What do you have on completion of the coaching programme?

  • You have a signature talk.
  • You have a talk that people will associate you with - and talk about.
  • You have a thought-provoking talk that ignites discussion.
  • You have a flexible talk -  it can be adapted for different time requirements - 15 - 60 minutes.
  • You have developed your 'speaker self' throughout the journey.
  • You gain insight and clarity on your story and message as a result of the process.
  • You have a talk that can be used multiple times
  • You have developed your 'impact' communication skills

How does this work practically?

Where does the coaching take place?

Online or face to face options (Bournemouth area)

How are the hours distributed?

2 x 1-hour sessions a month - default - but flexibility.

If face to face - longer sessions can be arranged.

If there is a tighter deadline the sessions can be more regular.

There will be homework (from both of us) in between sessions.

Let's have a talk - about you creating your talk!

Pick a good day and time and you will receive a confirmation and a ZOOM link.

What is the process that lead to the end result?


Brainstorming 1 - purpose, your ideas, audience, wider world


Brainstorming 2 - purpose, your ideas, audience, wider world


Brainstorming 3 - finding themes, stories, connections






Rough run through - recordings for observation


Tweaking and more run throughs


Considering props, visuals and other aspects of delivery.  Run through.


Working on timing. Structuring for short and long versions.


Half-day 1 - Rehearsal in Bournemouth venue.*


Half-day 2 - Rehearsal in Bournemouth venue.*

* If out of the area we arrange a full day of rehearsal in the venue.

 If out of the UK or it is impractical to travel to the area - I use an online version of rehearsal - making it real

Pick a good day and time and you will receive a confirmation and a ZOOM link.