You know that unhelpful thing you have a habit of feeling and doing? Are you self-squashing?

First step to releasing aligned, confident you - spotting the bits that are NOT aligned due to your self-squashing!  Simple but effective assessment tool - find out your squashed level and then - take the 5 steps to unsquash!

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What is 'self-squashing'?

As defined in my book -

The Mystery of the Squashed Self.

The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book Cover

Supressing your true self due to a fear that revealing and owning your full passion, personality and power will have you judged as an unlikeable show-off or an unprofessional outsider.

Why we need to communicate from an unsquashed place.

Being a skilled communicator is something we all have to keep working at. There are so many barriers to knock down if you wish to have impact when you communicate. 

Not being yourself is a key barrier.

We have so much more impact and confidence when we communicate authentically. 

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