Rehearse your online engagement

Live online Job interview or crucial meeting - feel confident, make it flow

I didn’t get a job. But I got the feedback that my communication was good. They went with the candidate that was closer to their industry/product.

But I did get a new position within my company after a series of interviews -

so things have ended up good :) 

M.S - Project Manager Switzerland

Thank you so very much for the interview lesson yesterday. Your advice and guidance proved most useful and I’ll be sure to adopt them in my interview.

M.Z - prepararing for civil service interview

You can't press pause or delete in a live meeting or interview!

Investing in this hour will have even more positive results than you might imagine.

A safe space to explore all potential impact barriers.

For instance:

  • A strange expression you are unaware of
  • Talking too fast - or too slow
  • Interrupting - without realising it
  • Being thrown by the unexpected
  • Not picking up the 'vibe' or 'unsaid'!

People tend to hold on to their first impressions - that's why those first descriptions can be so important. You don't even necessarily look at people that carefully after a while; you just hold on to that early impression.

Miranda July - 'No one Belongs Here more than You.'

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I had never networked before. We worked on my 60 second pitch, what to include and how this will resonate with my audience. Trisha is very experienced and really helped me nail this. The next time I pitched I felt confident - my audience were really engaged. 

Adam Wheelhouse - Manager

Trisha  took the time to talk through my various anxieties about being asked to speak in a paid membership group. She gave me some fantastic tips and asked me to briefly explain the subject, helping me to piece together a simple framework for the presentation. 

Caroline Brown - Business Owner

With an upcoming presentation in London I was keen to try out some new ways of engaging the audience . Trisha walked me through - like a dress rehearsal. The end result was an audience of inspired people. Trisha that she will take you to a place where you shine

Sarah Hamilton-Gill - Consultant

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