Public speaking coaching

Tell your story - create, rehearse, deliver.

From a wedding speech to a Keynote talk - whether you have a fear of public speaking or just need direction - It starts with you.

This video tells you about the coaching

Trisha Lewis Keynote Speaker Women in Business
You have been asked to give a speech - or have a great opportunity to get up and deliver a talk at an event... don't blow it through a lack of preparation and rehearsal.  Get this right once and you have a template for future talks plus much welcome confidence boost as an engaging speaker.

Are you asking yourself these questions?

  • How do I strike the right balance?
  • What is the key connecting theme?
  • How do I stop feeling so self-conscious?
  • How do I come across as natural - but not too natural?
  • How do I stop my 'um and er' and rambling ? 
  • Do I use a script or wing it?
  • Does my structure work? Does it make sense?
This 'speech and talk' coaching is:
  • starting with you as an individual
  • finding content that connects - with you and them
  • growing confidence through rehearsal
  • Ironing out 'habits' that detract
  • bespoke - but not budget blowing.
This 'speech and talk' coaching is not:
  • Fill in the gaps template talk!
  • Stilted old-school speaker coaching
  • a 'stand like this' 'speak like this' formula.

Why Me?

You are in experienced hands. I don't just talk the talk - (as such) - I walk the walk. I have delivered thousands of performances in many venues to many different audiences! I am a professional actor, speaker, presenter and interviewer. Above all - I learnt my speaking skills and gained my confidence over decades - and never stop learning. I wasn't born a speaker - I worked on it - just like you are.

Caroline Brown Trisha Lewis Speaker Coaching

Trisha very kindly took the time to talk through my various anxieties about being asked to speak in a paid membership group. I haven’t done a lot of public speaking in the past so was a little daunted about the prospect. Trisha gave me some fantastic tips and asked me to briefly explain the subject, helping me to piece together a simple framework for the presentation. I highly recommend Trisha as she has this knack for cutting through the mindset muddle we can sometimes find ourselves in when faced with new speaking opportunities, and for simplifying the message we want to put across. Thanks so much, Trisha! 

Caroline Brown - Business Mentor
Sarah Hamilton-Gill Trisha Lewis Speaker Coaching

With an upcoming presentation in London I was keen to try out some new ways of engaging the audience . Trisha walked me through from concept , content , design , dress rehearsal and ongoing coaching . The end result was an audience of inspired people who came up to me to thank me for the presentation. The process was at times challenging , stepping outside the box and trusting someone with a really important job . You may be wondering whether you really need a coach , after all you’ve been doing it for years ! Well yes you do . Refresh your approach , challenge yourself and trust Trisha that she will take you to a place where you shine 

Sarah Hamilton-Gill - HR consultant





An 'Unsquasher Hour' specifically working on your IDEAS - and plan.




Or £330 x 2 months

From idea brainstorm to delivery ready talk - and 'mindset sorting'.

Complete PLUS



Or £330 x 3 months

The PLUS part? Rehearsal! Make it real - 2 x full run throughs. One with virtual audience!*

* If local - a real life run through can be arranged with venue hire added.

How this works

  1. 1

    Click the link below to book a 30 minute mini-consultation - to make sure we are a good fit.

  2. 2

    If we go ahead - you will be invoiced and we will put the first session in the diary. How many sessions and over what time span will depend on each individual coaching need. This will be fully laid out in the proposal that follows our initial chat.

  3. 3

    All systems go! This might mean starting from base camp with brainstorming content or it might be that you already have a good sense of the content but want to rehearse and tweak.

Ready to nail that speech or talk?

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