Be these 3 things and your audience will be inspired

You need to get your business message heard through the noise - Your presenting skills will achieve that.

You at the core of effective presentations

But there is also a lot of noise when it comes to 'presenting skills' advice! So stop looking it up online and read this blog (and stick with me!).

The piece of advice that you hear loud and clear when it comes to inbound marketing, building rapport with prospects, networking and presentation preparation is: - 'it's not about you' - 'make it about them'... so how about I shake things up by saying:

Really engaging presentations are all about YOU and your presenting skills!


Let me explain.

Let's do some reverse engineering.

Q: How will giving a really good presentation result in new clients or business opportunities?

A: By them feeling they have a 'relationship' with you and they have been made aware of something that is of interest to them or someone they know - and they trust the person who informed and inspired them.  They go out and spread the word or suggest a meeting to talk further...  new clients!

Q: What presenting skills do I need to have to ensure they feel like that at the end of my presentation?

A: Ensure that YOU demonstrate these 3 crucial qualities. 

Q: But isn't it all about the content?

A: They won't listen to the content if you haven't established trust and ....well..

let's just drill down into these 3 essential qualities - the 3 things that are totally under your control - the 3 things that will mean your 'audience' leaves with these feelings:

I liked that presenter

I really learnt a lot 

I feel inspired to take action 

The 3 qualities you need to demonstrate in order to achieve the above set of feelings in your audience:





Relatable Presenter

Think Peter Kay


Reliable Presenter

Think David Attenbrough


Remarkable Presenter

Think Michelle Obama

The ingredients of these 3 qualities?



  • check
    Slick - as in professional
  • check
    Statistics - or relevant experience stories
  • check
    Signposting - clarity in your content


  • check
    Opinion - have one
  • check
    Visual -  make some impact (but keep it relevant!)
  • check
    Tantalising - tease and reveal!

Who is in charge of all this? YOU!

This is how it works:

They like YOU

They trust YOU

They connect with YOU

YOU created those feelings

An audience who feels like that is an audience who walk away inspired and happy to talk further or recommend you to others

That is how YOU create a presentation that expands your business - and of course it is about THEM - but it all starts with YOU!

Here's a bonus! I mean - this is relatable is it not??

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Trisha Lewis

I help people become more effective communicators through the kind of coaching that offers a safe space to explore and rehearse and better understand the impact they have. My blog is full of insights and tactics that will help you break down the barriers that prevent you from being a truly effective communicator. These insights are based on my own experience as well as the issues raised during coaching sessions and workshops.