Presentation Skills Workshop

So you think it's easy to connect with your audience? Think again!

Connect with audience

Now that is a lot of 'noise' to break through - and you have to if you are going to connect! Without connecting you might as well be talking to yourself! Don't waste any more time and miss any more golden opportunities!

The need

Business owners and employees at all levels are going to need to present their ideas at some stage – and it will be vital that they do so in a way that informs but also inspires, engages and even persuades.

Audience expectations and the environment have changed and therefore the presentation skills coaching and advice needs to. Presenters need to take a fresh approach to meet these expectations.

How this talk/workshop addresses that need

I put all the emphasis on the ‘connection’ ingredients – the vital ingredients if a presentation is to succeed in inspiring and informing with clarity. It is not how you stand or the bullet points on slides!

I don’t just talk the talk – I show how I am walking the walk!

I demonstrate ‘good practice’ by giving a talk – a talk about ‘the importance of connection when presenting’. I press ‘pause’ at intervals throughout the talk – and I show the ‘notes in the margin’. I share the process I am using and used in preparation - in order to achieve the connection.

  • How I connected with myself – in other words – understood the point and value of what I was saying.
  • How I connected the message – structure, story and flow.
  • How I connected with the audience– the body language and rapport element.

The Workshop agenda - in brief

  • The TALK (a talk about the art of connecting - with deliberate pauses to show my 'notes in the margin' - why I am doing what I am doing - how does it:
    • Connect with the presenter (me - but will be 'you')
    • Create a 'connected message'
    • Connect with you (the audience)
  • Working in own space and in groups on the 3 ingredients that result in 360 connection. Applied to your story.
  • Feedback throughout.  Mini presentations delivered and videoed! (For your use only - and not obligatory!)
  • Take away templates to facilitate your ongoing work towards being a connecting type of presenter.
presentation skills

Keep an eye open for dates of workshops -

coming soon!