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 The work you do should set you up with not one but a series of videos - great for increasing visibility, engagement and connections.

The 5 steps that take you from idea to posting!

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You ask questions - that I answer in a Facebook live each Monday evening.

  1. 1
    Brainstorm the 'sweet spot' of impact
  2. 2
    'Roman columns' of structure and ART of engagement
  3. 3
    Mindset and techie tips
  4. 4
    TOTO week - try observe try observe
  5. 5
    Creating the post - and post!

The real value to me was it made me think about who I am and how and where I wanted to add value to my clients with video. Plus - the fear has gone. Fantastic! 

Sarah J Woods - Flourish with Woods

Trisha has helped me enormously. I had built up a fear of doing videos (goodness only knows why) but I had. So having her support me and guide me towards a clearer message have been invaluable. 

Tracey Beesley - The Lifestyle Concept

About Me.

Have a rummage around the website to find out more about the way I help clients and the mission I am on! You will find the word 'real' comes up a lot. Real you - real impact - and real forensics on the HOW! I have walked the walk so it is not just talk. Click the button below to see what that walk looks like - how my experience is relevant to you.

See you in the challenge!