Me in a nutshell

A late developer who never stopped developing!

If I list my life-forces as curiosity, creativity, playfulness and empowerment - 

it is no wonder that I love what I do!

I am not planning on retiring having finally released the real me with calm, confident coherence - does that sound appealing?

The Journey that led to releasing the real me!

It took a while! The timeline gives you a peek into the journey. But - look at the bookend moments in the 2 photos below - toddler to present day.  I think the 'feisty' me was there at the start - as with most of us. For many of us this initial unquestioning sense of being is eroded by the forces of childhood, relationships and society.... we need to reclaim it!

2005 - 16 Entertaining Speaker and reminiscence work - I was getting there...

2005 Graduated. In hindsight - still squashed with impostor syndrome.

1995 - present day - professional actor.  See the video below for relevance!

1988 - 1995 Amateur Dramatics - my saviour. Released - but only in part.

1980s on - marriage(s), kids - highs and lows -learning through life!

1970s -self-conscious, self-doubting young girl. The real me was in a cage!

My 'real-me' fun facts!

I went to an all girl's school until I was 16 - then an all boy's school! I was in the first intake of 6 girls into the 6th form of a big posh school - as a boarder! I played Delilah in the school production of Samson Agonistes!

To mark my 60th birthday I found the very same footpath bars that as a kid, much to my shame, I couldn't somersault over! Yes! I did it! 

I like this quote:

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

Carl Yung

Feisty to squashed to Feisty

Age 2




Age 62

All un-squashed once more

Watch this space

2021 promises be an exciting year! My book will be published early spring - to put a spring in your step!

Not to mention an ever evolving adventure hosting the Make it Real Podcast.

The Mystery of the Squashed Self by Trisha Lewis

Official achievement stuff

  • BU Alumni of the year 2019 - Inspiring Learning
  • BA (hons)Communication 
  • Recognised Reminiscence Facilitator - European Reminiscence Network
  • Mentoring and Peer Assisted Learning Leader qualifications 
  • Best Actress - Dundalk International One-Act Play Festival! Yes - proud of that
  • LAMDA Speech and Drama awards - from Grade 1 to Gold!
  • CELTA - teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Pretty sure I have a 'life-saving' medal from school somewhere
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