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Mark Masters - You Are The Media - know that If you want to grow you need to be brave and ask for feedback. To get quality feedback you need to reach out to a community that you have built trust with – so here are tips from a community building expert and very real, open kind of a guy! He describes lessons learnt from his recent experience of asking for feedback. How to go about it, why it matters and what he learnt.

Yes! As Vicky Doxat demonstrates so well - you can me more than one you! You evolve and you can tweak your style of communication according to the context – as long as you are consistent with a ‘core you’. If you put more of your natural style out there – you get the kind of clients you enjoy working with. You can combine formal with informal – as long as you are authentic. Also – think out of the box – say it your way

Lord Simon Jacobs - not a real Lord, but a very real person! Flying the flag for the perfectly possible mix of being professional and 'weird' - as in not following all the conventions! A really intelligent, thoughtful conversation. We are wired for conformity – so you have to put conscious effort into not conforming. Grow a community around you that feels interesting – that you want to engage with yourself. You want to attract the people that like the stuff that you do differently. 

The very real Janine Capaldi - great chat! If you don’t let people know who you are – they won’t know if they want to get to know you more – and potentially work with you! If you don’t consistently show up as ‘you’ demonstrating your values – you won’t attract the kind of people you want to work with. Good news – you can do this step by step – and quietly!

Ben Capper - all the way from Liverpool! He shares his journey from big organisations to being a business owner–and now sometimes working for big organisations! He reminds us that the secret of ‘niching’ is remembering only you have your experience–there are others doing what you do–but not like you!Some top tips from a marketing and communications man–a very real man