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Louisa van Vessem

S2 Ep 3 - You Decide - Sod the ‘Shoulds’.

Business Consultant and mentor Louisa van Vessem has a reality based perspective on running your own business. She describes herself as ‘brutally honest’ and her own story has meant dealing with reality big time. We talk about crushing perceptions and organising your world to suit your rhythms - not the ‘shoulds’. We talk pace and balance and taboo.

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Company website - Workflow Virtual

Rebecca Perl

S2 Ep 2 Rebecca Perl - Yes you can write - just start. Motivating you to think about what and how you write

Rebecca knows what works when it comes to the written word - and she talks good common sense - such as ‘if you can think, you can write’.  Blogs, website copy, articles - keep it simple - think about who you are writing for - and importantly enjoy the process. Insight, tips and resources in this relaxed and rich chat.

Achim Nowak

Achim Nowak

Season 2 starts!  Ep 1: Open the door to connection

Achim Nowak is a C-Suite success coach who knows how to get people to be their ‘brilliant best’ - in a ‘make it real’ way. We talk about energy, being present, being real - and how all this works when you step into the ‘speaker role’. He shares a moment of transformational discovery whilst preparing for his TEDs talk ‘Enough Already’ - it might surprise you.  

We talk about 'Authenticity' - but not just as a buzzword!

Learn more about Achim at Author of 3 brilliant books (I have them on my shelf).The Moment, Infectious and Power Speaking. Tedx Talk - Enough Already

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The intro and outro music tracks are original recordings by a band called GANGALOYA -

I had the amazing adventure of being the singer with the band a few years back - and making up a few lyrics along the way!

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