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Latest Episodes

Fun with Purpose - Happy Humans make Happy Animals

S2 Ep 14 Mark Kingston Jones

Mark Kingston Jones has a fascinating business - team building with BITE. This episode includes power drills, mulled wine, monkey man-caves, Sun bears and reciprocity! Look how man layers there are when you explore human and animal behaviour - and mentoring and accomplishment.



How to really use LinkedIn - for Real!

S2 Ep 13 - Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a 'LinkedIn Smartypants' who has walked the walk when it comes to understanding LinkedIn - that is why she can help - for real! We talk about the human ingredient of connection and importantly why sticking to your style and skills is way more effective than following any 'should-do' mantras. If you are uninspired by LI - this will make you think again. If you have LI fear - this will offer gentle action tips to take you to LI joy.



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Public Speaking - It is not about you!

S2 Ep 12 - Nick Diakanastasis

Nick helps introverts ace their public speaking - with some good old-school technique! We talk breath, voice and end-users… we question just who you are showing up for and why? We pull the term ‘confident’ apart… and Nick gives us all a good dose of reality and perspective. Needless to say we also talk about Nick’s evolution - things will resonate.

LinkedIn - Connect with Nick

Make Friends with Yourself

S2 Ep11 Stella Scott

Stella Scott is a wonderful mix of earthy, funny and practical! You will love this conversation.  She coaches women to 'fall in love with themselves' - because - low self-esteem cripples your leadership! Her story includes rising to a big challenge - it involves pain, dance and mirrors! This conversation will inspire and bring you back to your mind body basics.



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Here's a real story for you! The music on the podcast...

The intro and outro music tracks are original recordings by a band called GANGALOYA -

I had the amazing adventure of being the singer with the band a few years back - and making up a few lyrics along the way!

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