S2 Episode 30 - The Effect of your Environment

Lois Cliff


Lois has a story that will resonate with many - it includes highs and lows and human stuff!

Finding herself dealing with the perfect storm of setting up a business after years as a teacher, getting divorced after years of marriage, the rumbling fun and games of menopause and waving her youngest off to Uni -

Lois has reflected on who she really is - and the things that matter in her environment.

Some cracking insights that will make you think - for sure.

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Fascinating things we talk about

  • Transitioning - work and personal life
  • Evolving self
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Displacement activity
  • Inner demons
  • Barriers to progress
  • Identity
  • Divorce, menopause and other delights

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Trisha Lewis

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I love hosting this podcast - trust me that is important if you are thinking of starting one! I love it because I meet and talk with fascinating people. I love it because it combines practical and psychological - with a dollop of human story. 

When I am not loving interviewing and editing ...  I am loving working with fascinating clients - helping them to find who they really are- then be it - then make sure people see it! I help release the REAL them into the world with REAL impact. You could call me a communication coach - but I mentor, direct, facilitate and work on more than public speaking! More of my background story here.