S2 Episode 18 -  Are 'faffing' and assumptions stopping you?

Jacqui Jagger


You need to listen to Jacqui!

Jacqui Jagger is a mindset and business coach and all round straight talker. She loves un-locking business owners!  

We talk about the blockages that cause that locking - the 3 kinds of 'faffing' and the problems with assumptions and labels. We talk about gaining control in a uncontrollable world. Sorting the 'nuts and bolts' to get you 'motoring' as Jacqui says!

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Fascinating things we talk about

  • The procrastination power of perfectionism!
  • The upside of 'limiting-beliefs'!
  • Adjusting self-imposed expectations 
  • Action - plan and priorities
  • Shiny Object Syndrome!
  • Over-thinking and emotional traps
  • Balance and boundaries