Fancy trying a new kind of networking?

*If you want to hide behind rehearsed elevator pitches - this might not be for you.

*If you’d rather do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got - this may not be for you.

*If you want to discuss seo, avatars, funnels, #’s or my ‘why’ - this may not be for you.

This is a fresh kind of networking offering new perspectives. A space to experiment, explore, think creatively and improvise.

*The only rule is to be curious, be open minded, be real!

An attendee responds...

Depth. That’s what’s missing from a lot of networking meetings. You get to know the very best parts of somebody’s business if they’re good at communicating and then you move on. It’s not the same with the Business Brainstorming Network. This is a place where you can truly get to know people. If you’re looking to build strong business relationships, don’t miss the next one.

Stefano Capacchione - Puck Creations

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Next event Nov 10

Choice of time! 1 pm or 7.30 pm (GMT)

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If not now - when?

Keep me updated on this event please!

So -what's it all about

Who is this for?

You can be a beekeeper or a bookkeeper. Introvert or extrovert. Creative or methodical. Vintage or newborn.

This is networking for curious people.

So, if you are any, or all, of the above and have perhaps lost your mojo, are stuck in a rut or holding yourself back through fear of rejection. Overwhelmed by what you ‘should be’, need help getting out of your comfort zone or feel isolated in your business, then - this is for you.

What you get?

A chance to explain to other real human beings who you are so that they understand what you do. But with a twist - a prop/trigger to inspire stories about your business - finding connections and story!

In a breakout room session, you’ll be able to share, ask and be asked questions.

Then during the second half of the event we’ll take a deep dive in to the topic of the day with our specially invited guest panellists. Here you can ask questions or just listen to the discussion.

Why you should come!

Apart from making meaningful connections with people who will understand what you do, the event will inspire your content with a monthly jolt of energy and motivation. Each month will build on the last so that you will progress and transform your business and its relationships.

A fun and thought-provoking session to get the lightbulbs pinging!!

Linking a news item to our business was inspiring, I hadn't made the link between face masks and Safe Space, until that exercise last night, so I shall include that in my imminent newsletter, thank you!

Julie Johns 

I came away feeling like I had received an electric jolt to power me onwards in my business. I met some great people and the whole ethos was about supporting each other. 

Nicola Richardson

Get a taste of what you are in for!

About your co-host - Trisha Lewis

 - the 'friendly brag' version

I am a good actor and entertainer thanks to loads of experience on all sizes of stage! I have honed my listening skills by doing reminiscence work with people with dementia - proud of this. I got a degree when I was 48 - so I am a constant learner. I have put it all together, gone through the rigors of setting up a coaching business - through which I have helped many clients find themselves and share their message - feeling good!

About your co-host

 - Jackie Goddard

I trained originally as a fashion designer and worked as such for five years before realising it wasn’t for me and that I needed to act! During a stint working as a dresser for the RSC I found my tribe and decided to take an acting course at Mountview Theatre School in North London. I never looked back and have spent the last 20 years working as an actor, director and vocal coach. I have produced theatrical shows and run drama clubs for myself and other people and have developed and managed theatre performances and workshops for a number of schools in Hampshire and London. I have also performed in and produced theatre for the Edinburgh and London fringes.

I am a qualified LAMDA tutor and a trained Arts Award advisor.

Now, I work with teachers, teams and young people in groups or 1-2-1 to enhance, develop and support their voice; build confidence around presenting themselves; remove vocal blocks; develop creative thinking and work with others collaboratively.

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