S2 Episode 27 -  The importance of being playful

Jacqueline Goddard


Jacqueline helps you use your voice to engage and inspire from dinner table to boardroom. 

This episode is full of the energy of two people who get excited about things like trust, truth and being playful - inspired by careers as actors!

You will hear how the skills that actors hone are totally relatable for you in business. If you don't believe it and feel it - neither will your audience.

My guest shares some brilliant stories - expect the unexpected.

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Links to the plays we mentioned!

The Revengers Tragedy - Thomas Middleton

The Marowitz Hamlet - Charles Marowitz

Ghosts - Ibsen - the final scene 

Fascinating things we talk about

  • Doing your audience research
  • Being rather than playing
  • Being playful 
  • Truth and trust
  • Feeling it so they will feel it too
  • The problem with style over substance
  • Playing with your voice
  • Drawing people in by being relatable
  • Using your story

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About your host 

Trisha Lewis

That's me!

I love hosting this podcast - trust me that is important if you are thinking of starting one! I love it because I meet and talk with fascinating people. I love it because it combines practical and psychological - with a dollop of human story. 

When I am not loving interviewing and editing ...  I am loving working with fascinating clients - helping them to find who they really are- then be it - then make sure people see it! I help release the REAL them into the world with REAL impact. You could call me a communication coach - but I mentor, direct, facilitate and work on more than public speaking! More of my background story here.