Trisha has the enviable ability to hold attention – never knowing what brilliance is coming next. Creativity, boundless energy and enthusiasm and a willingness to share what she knows in innovative and fun ways.

Marie Smith - Aspiring Women

Give me a brief

My background as an actor and speaker - and creative writer/producer - enables me to take a brief and deliver an engaging talk on just about anything to be honest! I can be as entertaining as you like - or go all profound and cerebral! I can inspire from a big stage or encourage discussion from a small space! I am ridiculously adaptable and you can relax knowing you are booking an experienced professional.

Talks for Schools

Being Yourself won't limit you

Trisha has a fantastic rapport with our young people who have benefited from both communication coaching workshops and a workshop on Imposter Syndrome which I found fascinating. 

Deb Porter - Poole High School