Interview practice service

Why is interview practice important?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So give yourself the best chance of making a great impression - by doing the wise thing ... practice.

This video explains how this works.

Trisha coached me to improve my communication skills during my job search. She was alert in picking up my subtle communication habits, made me understand the impact of my communication with others and helped me improve on my communication skills. 

Trisha also ensured the coaching was adapted and unique to my requirements. She had a knack of identifying areas of improvement and helped me developed suitable techniques to attend interviews with confidences.

- Sean Rebello

Practice your interview in a safe space - with a professional communicator.

How does this work?

What is interview practice?

  • An opportunity to iron out the bumps - to try things out and get used to the process of being questioned.
  • Quality time spent with an objective listener who knows how to ask the right questions and test you beyond your prepared answers!
  • A trial run that sets you up for the real thing.  You will feel prepared for (just about) anything. You will be more aware of all the possible 'trust and credibility barriers'.  They don't know you - and will make judgements swiftly!
  • A reality check and a 'feeling prepared' confidence boost - resulting in making the impact you desire.

What key interview communication skills will we look at?

  • Instant rapport - avoiding trust barriers
  • Clarity - but not 'robotic'
  • Vocal pace and pitch
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Authenticity - managed
  • Dealing with the unexpected confidently
  • Avoiding your (or their) emotional 'triggers'
  • Asking questions, avoiding 'fillers' and 'rambling'
  • Strong - Warm balance

My pre-session work as your interview coach

  • I will prepare questions and look at any likely questions or information about the company or situation you want to send me. Everything we share is confidential.


  • I will do a brief 'social media impression audit' if you wish to give me your links (if applicable)

Who is your coach?

I am an unbiased 'mock interviewer' with a deep understanding of how communication works (and doesn't!).

I am a communication coach, story facilitator and trainer used to working with a wide range of individuals. A curious and non-judgemental mindset.

If you are happy to get a date in the diary - use the booking option below.  If you would like a 15 minute consultation before committing - book a virtual-cuppa

For the 'Interview Confidence Plus' option -

you receive feedback on a 'why I am right for this job' video submitted between sessions.

Coaching Options and Pricing

Interview Confidence Booster




Includes pre-session set up and post-session notes/recording

Interview Confidence Plus

2 x 60-minutes



Includes pre-session set up, interim notes, final notes/recordings

Easy booking- choose your day/time and secure pay via paypal*.

Full refund if service not carried out due to cancellation by either party -

or if the service provided does not match that described.

*Invoice provided with BACS payment detail if this option is preferred. Please email me to arrange.

Details confidential

M. S - corporate executive

"I got the feedback that my communication was good. They went with the candidate that was closer to their industry/product. But I did get a new position within my company. And I went through the interviews for that as well.  So things have ended up good 🙂 "

Details confidential

N.W - senior manager

"Working with Trisha has helped me to improve my approach to communication, given me real clarity and in the time I worked with her I saw my confidence improve. A lady I would happily work with again and recommend."