My clients are driven, fascinating individuals. If they were not keen to take up new challenges, they would not experience the nagging inner critic, the confidence dips, or the pervasive nagging 'faking it' feeling often know as 'impostor syndrome'!

They might be prompted to work with me for many reasons - but often it is a sense of 'barriers'. They are in a new position at work or considering career change. They are in the first few years of their own business or a start-up .... They are dealing with challenges in their personal life that are knocking their confidence with their work life.  They are human!

I have had clients skipping away (literally) after just one 2 hour session! They come back for more - which is ideal - time to look at repetitive or new challenges and embed tactics.

I will get you to try things out - and (however much you resist) I will get you to observe yourself on audio and video recordings. All of this remains highly confidential of course - for your eyes and ears only.  Unbelievably value experience - don't take it from me - check out my testimonials here and on LinkedIn.

How do you get started - step by step


Email or phone to let me know a little more about your coaching goals - and get a free taster of how we would work together. 


If we agree to go for it - we put a date in the diary for a 2 hour session (either in Bournemouth (BH6) or at an agreed venue. We can also do coaching on Skype if you are out of the area.

If you proceed to a program of coaching (see step 3), you will have 50% of the cost of this session discounted off program fee.


Equipped with your post session 'Director's Notes' (clients love these).. you put tactics into action in the real world. We keep in touch and hopefully book a block of coaching to go to the next level. 'Director's Chair Coaching' program is 6 hours over 3 sessions reasonably close together.