Impostor Syndrome Unmasked

Drop in on a chat between myself and Trevor Young about Impostor Syndrome - good podcast to know about!

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Impostor Syndrome Unmasked

I have a story to tell - but most importantly, I have tactics to share! Who better to learn from than a communication coach who has learnt to manage impostor syndrome - and helped many clients remove this barrier to success? 

Welcome to step one 🙂

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Impostor syndrome (original research by Clance & Imes - 1970s) is an irrational and pervasive feeling of self-doubt. A sense that you are getting away with it - you are a fraud and you will be found out soon!  Putting success down to luck rather than your skills. Comparing yourself to others and having a sense that everyone else has got it together - and they will realise that you haven't.... etc etc.... not helpful in other words.

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