Impostor Syndrome Coaching Programme

Whilst clients often work on internal barriers such as impostor syndrome during all Director's Chair Coaching sessions - some choose to work on this specifically.   I offer an ongoing programme to keep the momentum going and develop new thinking habits over an extended period of coaching input! This option is effective and highly accessible. 

Stop the hide-out, burn-out and freak-out consequences of impostor syndrome.

Own your achievements, feel more confident and be more you! 

This one to one coaching programme will break down the barriers that impostor syndrome feelings have been busy putting up!

Your brain can trick you - it is very skilled at this!

How the coaching works


Initial session - 2-hours - Southbourne area or Skype (other options can be discussed)

  • Discovery
  • Trying out conversation scenarios
  • Goal setting
  • Follow up notes - key observations, relevant resources and action plan

Ongoing support. Embedding the learning through action plan, tactics, resources.

This is delivered through a 1-hour per month Zoom (like Skype) session, notes and action plan and email/online resources.


Complimentary digital copy of book - 'Stop Feeding Impostor Syndrome' (Late 2019)

Coaching programme cost

I am aware that many clients who benefit from this coaching are

employees or small business owners who have to consider their monthly budget carefully. 

 I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and tactics I have gained through personal experience and research.

  I know that an ongoing coaching programme rather than a one off session is extremely effective at getting a grip on impostor syndrome

I have therefore decided to offer this specific coaching at a special discounted rate.

Initial 2 hour session £140 

£50 per month ongoing*

cancel at any time

Due to bespoke nature of this coaching, intake is limited. 

Book a 15 mins exploratory call for a proper chat  

email if you prefer.