Impostor Syndrome and fear of feedback

Fear of Feedback Impostor Syndrome

Not listening to feedback is one thing...but what about not asking for feedback?

Not asking for feedback means we miss out on testimonials and perspectives... so why would we make a decision NOT to ask for feedback ...

Fear of feedback can be a sign of you fighting with impostor syndrome feelings - stay with me on this.

Have you ever delivered a good service, product or event and felt really reluctant to ask for feedback?

You know it went well - you know they are happy - but for some reason your brain (impostor syndrome demons) is saying:

'Run!' Don't tempt fate by staying a moment longer!'

What is that about?

Feedback is generally a good way of growing yourself and your business - so whatever this fear is - it needs to be sorted.

There are 2 kinds of feedback -

Imposed feedback

  • this is the type you haven't asked for but it is part of your company's appraisal system... or the reports that come from a teacher.. not asked for - but part of the system.

With this kind of 'imposed' feedback watch out for the inner-critic that only let's you hear the one or two tiny negative things and prevents your from hearing all the good feedback! (That is an impostor syndrome classic).

But - in the video below I focus on another kind of feedback - the kind you voluntarily ask for.

Requested feedback

You might be asking a client for a recommendation on LinkedIn or getting someone to fill in a feedback or customer satisfaction form.... a good thing to do surely? You need to know if there is anything you can improve - that is part of any business. You are also entitled to 'brag' a little when you have done a good job - share the testimonials and case studies - why not?

However - that voice inside your head just wants to run away whilst the going is good - because any moment now they are going to realise you have done a useless job and they have been conned! (not).


Watch this short video that might well resonate!

Give this some thought... and challenge yourself to ask for that feedback. Most people are delighted to have the opportunity to give it - don't disappoint them!

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