Unsquashed and out there - consistently

You want to be visible, credible, loveable and engaged with!

You know your stuff but people don't know you. They don't recognise your brand personality and personal perspective in the confused identity they see when searching for you online. Are you this? Are you that?

What's included in the audit?


  • 0.05 second test
  • Broken links
  • Clarity
  • Personality

All social media

  • Profile Personality
  • Visual consistency
  • Your voice
  • Broken links


  • Recognisably you
  • Linking to rest
  • Your 'thing'
  • Neat and clear

What happens when your impact is inconsistent?

Does it really matter? After all you are 'out there' - regularly posting - sharing lots of value....

Great - but is it a bit like you are 10 different people? In your enthusiasm to share knowledge, tips and maybe even personal stories... you have left a very muddled footprint all over the web! Your ideal client can't find you - as in find YOU! Know, like and trust YOU. Your message is confusing and - your unique perspective on what you do - um - not quite sure!

Not only are you not resonating with your ideal client or customer - you are not resonating with YOU! 

Next stop - demotivation and frustration. Not good.

How much - and how to book

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Easy booking - once payment received you will get confirmation and a short form to complete to get my investigation work going!  You will receive your report within 10 working days* FULL REFUND if I don't deliver what this page sets out.  

*unless any unforeseen circumstances - in which case either refund issued or clear expected date for delivery given and agreed as being acceptable to you.

Impact Audit

Caroline Brown

-Caroline Brown

I highly recommend Trisha as she has this knack for cutting through the mindset muddle we can sometimes find ourselves in.

Sarah Jane Woods

-Sarah Jane Woods

the real value to me was it made me think about who I am and how and where I wanted to add value to my clients