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“To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improvise as well.” ― Isaac Asimov

Explory Story Networking Improv

Feb date now available -
Feb 15th 2018 6 - 8 pm

Following a buzzy launch in November 2017 - this is now a regular monthly event (pausing for the summer break)  

Explory Story Peter John Cooper Improv

Peter John Cooper -  improv expert

  • Get to know people in a relaxing and inspiring environment
  • Yes - gain valuable contacts - but there is more...
  • Put your brain through a workout - go with the flow -
  • Explory Story Networking Improv

    I reveal a couple of of things about improv at a networking gathering ...

    I love this TED talk by Steven Johnson - it links cavemen to the computer - and it demonstrates how great ideas come from playfulness - not always from necessity.  That's the idea behind my events - exploring without rules in order to have those light-bulb moments that lead to real benefits for you and your business.