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Get engagement without being controversial. Trisha Lewis Blog


Get engagement on your content without being a contrived 'shock jock'

At some point you will be tempted to go rogue with your writing or videos - and share a contrived 'shocking' style of post. 


  • You have been influenced by some 'guru type' who says you have to shock to stand out.
  • You are fed up with 200 followers on Twitter and believe that a shocking post might go viral and get you 1000s of new followers. 
  • You have been bland with your content and are now tempted to go to the other extreme whilst 'I want to break free'  blares out at full volume on your laptop!

Whatever brings you to the 'need to shock' tipping point - my advise is - STOP and think before you press post.

Surprise can work well - as Neil Patel suggests - Surprise in a headline will grab attention. But - please avoid the shock jock stuff!

Even if you gain followers and your best ever views - at what cost? What do they now expect from you? And look how you have broken the trust you worked so hard to build with the people you actually want to be connected to - potential clients. Communication is full of barriers - and inconsistency is one.

Write quality posts without being controversial. Trisha Lewis Blog
Get attention from quality followers and showcase your personality without selling your soul and having a troll party!

3 ways to create stand out content without being controversial or shocking

1. Have a 'your thing' perspective

You don't have to be rude to have a different perspective on something. You can disagree with a 'curious' and 'conversational' approach and mindset. Let people know what you stand for - your values, mission and personal experience - rather than shout and shock - or even sulk!

2. Find the 'sweet spot of impact'

You must resonate with relevance if you are to get attention from the right people. This is your chance to blend the 'real you' with the 'real them' and 'real world'. 


Real world - topical and fresh at time of writing this post.

People discussing going back to office work versus staying at home. 

Real you 

You have experienced both - and have struggled with dogs and kids - and keeping background tidy - can't wait to get back to the office. You have strong views on the issues around parenting and home offices - and you can express them in the form of offering a perspective and asking for other perspectives.

Real them (your target audience)

Mainly freelance - but many work in co-working spaces. You sense there will be mixed views - good for debate.

3. Use video and non-stock images

Ironically - I have used some stock images in this post.

However - they are not overused ones. Choose wisely. 

There are plenty of content opportunities that suit having your face involved - video or image. If not your face - then your 'behind the scenes' or 'locations near to you' or an item that is unique to you.

Be imaginative and original - but remember who you are trying to get attention from! 

And finally

  • Always go back to business basics.
  • What are you trying to achieve with your content?
  • Who do you want to get attention from?
  • What showcases your - and your business -  personality?

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