Dear Teenage Me 

#dearteenageme - a brilliant hashtag idea for #WD2019

When this came on to me radar - I could not resist entering into the spirit of it all! In line with International Women's Day 2019 - it felt so right to feel like the strong version of my 'slightly tormented' teenage self! Here is the video - and the 3 core pieces of advice that I give to my teenage self - that are just as relevant to all of us (men and women all ages) in business and life!

Get out of your head

Oh how I wish I had got a grip on this one when I was younger! I only really figured this out in recent times to be honest! The self-obsession was not fueled by vanity - but by serious self-doubt and a big dollop of impostor syndrome! I guess the ego was a part of it too! I spent too much time worrying about what I looked like, sounded like, what people thought about me etc... yuk!

If you are remotely inclined to shyness - getting out of your head is magical. You ask questions and people talk about themselves which they love (we all do really) - and they remember you because you listened! Result. 

Be constantly curious

My favourite word - curious. We all need to be 'Curiouser and Curiouser' as Alice said in Wonderland!

By being present and mindful you spot and hear things - and those things are gold dust for communication and creativity! You always have something beyond the dreaded small talk to engage people with - and you trigger off innovative ideas in you and others - just by being curious. Read, look, explore, research and listen.  Set up a google alert on topics that are relevant to your business so you get links on a daily basis that you can share! Join interesting groups on social media and watch TED talks and The School of Life videos!

Learn from mistakes and big up success

We all know the advice on learning from our mistakes - or 'failures' as sometimes described! Of course that advise makes sense - not easy at times but worth pushing through. Not everything is right for you remember - don't get pushed around by everyone's advice - be picky and check in with yourself at every stage! Failure (or your feeling of failure) is sometimes a wake up call that you are not following the right path!

We are rarely reminded to 'big yourself up' though!

It is equally important to celebrate the achievements - the tiny success to the big ones! As Peggy Klaus advises- toot your own horn! This is one of the tools that helps you get a grip on the pesky impostor syndrome!

So - how about doing your own letter to your teenage self? Please find a photo too! 

As always - if you would like to work through any barriers to communication, impact, success... I am here to give you quality-time coaching - just get in touch.

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