Consistent impact

Networking and online presence - consistency

Both you and those you communicate with will feel good if everything feels real - human - consistently you! This is easier said than done - easy to fall for 'hype' and 'guru' advice! You are unique - and you deserve to be listened to - so let''s get real!

I know I can help - don't just take it from me though - take it from my clients!

Trisha stopped me sounding like a policeman

Trisha made me feel comfortable doing a task that doesn't feel natural to me! She seemed to quickly find the areas that I needed to improve upon. Rather than sounding like a policeman giving an account, I needed to me more animated and engaging!

Olly Leicester
Health and Wellness Coach

I saw my confidence improve

Working with Trisha has helped me to improve my approach to communication, given me real clarity and in the time I worked with her I saw my confidence improve. A lady I would happily work with again and recommend.

Nikki Williams
People Experience Manager - Lush

I could visibly see lightbulbs of realisation in peoples faces

Trisha's talk at Cameras and Coffees was fantastic, there were several times that I could visibly see lightbulbs of realisation in peoples faces. As always she brought copious energy to the room and was really open to hearing other peoples opinions and questions. Thanks Trisha!!

Paul Hamblin
Producer Treehouse Digital Ltd

I felt like my audience was really engaging in everything I was saying.

The next time I pitched I felt confident my audience was really engaging in everything I was saying. Trisha is very experienced and really helped me nail this.

Director's Chair Programme - Amazing

Trisha has an instinct for getting to the core of the issue very quickly. Highly recommended!

How do you get started - step by step


Book a 15 mins exploratory call to let me know a little more about your coaching goals - and get a sense of how we would work together. 


If we agree to go for it - we put a date in the diary for a 2 hour session - either in Bournemouth or at an agreed venue. We can also do coaching on Zoom (Skype-like).

If you proceed to a program of coaching (see step 3), you will have 50% of the cost of this session discounted off program fee.


Equipped with your post session 'Director's Notes' (clients love these).. you put tactics into action in the real world. We keep in touch and hopefully book a block of coaching to go to the next level. 'Director's Chair Coaching' program is 6 hours over 3 sessions reasonably close together.