Communication skills coaching for leaders who need to speak with clarity and confidence.

One-on-one communication coaching is an invaluable resource for leaders who need to negotiate, persuade, and present with clarity and impact in their everyday interactions. As an experienced coach, actor and speaker I can help you develop the skills and strategies needed to become an even more persuasive and engaging communicator. Through individualized coaching and personalised feedback, you’ll be able to explore how to convey your thoughts and ideas with greater confidence and clarity, as well as understand the nuances of communication and how to actively listen to ensure your message is received. With the right guidance, you’ll be able to build strong, lasting relationships with those you interact with and succeed in any situation.

Communication Skill Workshops

Signature Workshops

First Impressions – Instant Rapport

This helps your team remove the barriers to effective conversations, leadership and meetings.

Humans are very quick to put up barriers – it can happen from either side and it can happen in seconds. Consciously paying attention to verbal and non-verbal habits (on all sides) is crucial to avoid long-lasting damage!

  • Preparation
  • Assumptions & Bias
  • Context
  • Non-verbals
  • Defensiveness
  • Listen – Listen – Listen

The ART of Engaging Presentation

This helps your team with more than basic ‘public speaking’ skills. The approach I take leads to enjoyment as well as engagement.

The key to a good presentation – in a small meeting or on a conference stage – is engagement. You can’t force people to listen to you – they don’t owe you their attention! You really do need to earn it.

  • Know your audience
  • Connect with your content
  • Attract – Resonate – Tempt (ART)
  • Storytelling
  • Energy
  • Conversational v Lecturing

My standard workshops are priced lower than my ‘bespoke’ workshops – but are always time and focus adjusted to meet the needs of you and your team.

Unique workshops designed to your brief

Communication is a huge topic – and your needs are unique. If human communication is involved – let’s talk through possibilities. Here are a few ideas:-

  • Storytelling to engage, explain and encourage action
  • Getting forensic with ‘impostor syndrome’
  • Clarity – avoiding misunderstanding
  • Assertiveness (can be tailoered for female leadership and the ‘double bind’ – which still exists)
  • Barriers to effective commmunication with ‘strangers’ (customer services)
  • Engaging your team when training on ‘teams’ or ‘Zoom’
  • Clear Leadership – (based on the work of Gervase Bushe)


All workshops can be tailored to work in person or online.

I can come to your venue or arrange a venue

Virtual workshops can be 1-hour but in person workshops must be a minimum of 2-hours – ideally between half and full day.

I am happy to arrange to deliver 2 x half-day workshops in the same day at the same venue (reduced costs).

Attendee number – For maximum benefit – a maximum of 12

For the ‘signature workshops’ (tailored but not bespoke) – cost (May 2022) £700 – £1,400 – plus travel and/or other expenses

For ‘bespoke workshops’ – cost discussed depending on brief.

It is an absolute joy to work with Trisha Lewis whose infectious and humorous approach immediately engages her audience.

With an ability to quickly analyse situations and a keen observer of human nature, Trisha is able to develop creative, bespoke and stimulating development sessions and programmes that take you on a journey where learning feels compelling and interesting.

Her significant experience and expertise make her an ideal coach and trainer and presenter for those looking to enhance skills such as listening, persuasion and negotiation, designing and delivering informal and formal presentations, thinking on your feet and communication skills.

The wellbeing of our employees is at the heart of the work that my team and I do. As we continue to enhance our caring culture Trisha work with us helps to strengthen this.

Trisha has a wealth of experience and it is a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to our sessions with her now and in the future.


Sara Hope

Hayfiled Homes Ltd

Trisha is simply fantastic! We have worked with Trisha several times both in person and virtually. No matter the setting, Trisha has always brought fun and excitement to the sessions, which is incredibly engaging. Our people have always left Trisha’s sessions feeling empowered and confident to more effectively communicate with their fellow humans!

Ben Morris Beyond Retail Ltd Trisha Lewis

Ben Morris

Beyond Retail Ltd

After the initial call with Trisha to help us facilitate an internal hackathon she immediately understood the brief and I had full confidence that she was the right person for the job. It was very easy to work with her in preparation to the event and during the hackathon. Trisha’s natural abilities in communication and empathy ensured the event ran smoothly and on time. She successfully adapted to the style of the event and type of audience. The hackathon was a success due to the ‘safe space’ that Trisha curated, which energised the room and enabled creativity to flow. I’d highly recommend Trisha.

Caroline Brown Liverpool Victoria Trisha Lewis

Caroline Brown

Liverpool Victoria

Looking for an engaging speaker?

Here I am!

Decades of professional performance and a TEDx under my belt!