Public Speaking to build your business – top 3 ways

Public speaking is a highly effective and free marketing toolHowever, If public speaking is not your thing – don’t stop reading! This might be just the motivation you need to deal with your public speaking fear or reluctance.  Your efforts will be rewarded.3 reasons Public speaking can result in a sale1. You have a captive […]

Flow beats Fear – manage speaking anxiety

Fear or Flow

Moments of crippling fear in rock climbing and public speaking fear – actually, they have a lot in common. Flow beats fear.In both situations fear has a negative effect on performance – and getting into a ‘flow’ state has a positive effect – beating fear. But what are those affects and how can they be avoided? Here […]

Impostor Syndrome Burnout

Sadface match - burnout

Is Impostor Syndrome about to lead to a burnout? There is a very real risk of burnout associated with the self-doubt mindset known as Impostor Syndrome.  If you are feeling close to that edge – could it be down to this often undetected, unhelpful way of thinking? If you find yourself working into the early hours, up […]

Why your words aren’t having any impact


You’re talking – but do they understand you?Read on – because planning your presentations and pitches will be quicker and simpler after reading this post. You will spend less time figuring out what to say – but achieve more impact. 3 big reasons why people don’t understand the meaning of what we are saying.I am talking […]

Your Business Identity

identity crisis

If you are a business owner you might have experienced an identity crisis. Your personality feels disconnected from your business. Not a comfortable feeling. The question is – why does this happen and is it inevitable? Do you have to become someone else when you set up a business? Is it possible to be YOU […]

Sort the self-doubt spiral

Self-doubt spiral

Most of us have doubts about ourselves fairly regularly – it is part of the human condition!   We question our identity, image, capabilities, purpose – you name it. However, when these feelings start to take over and we feel like impostors in a world where everyone else has got it together (impostor syndrome to give it […]