People Pleasing – how to stop

People Pleasing Kitten

People pleasing – why are you doing it and how can you stop it.Nothing wrong with being nice, helpful and totally adorable … but …what if all this niceness is really you desperately avoiding being ignored, rejected or negatively judged? There is a tipping point between being the good bits of ‘nice’ and the unhealthy, […]

What is impostor syndrome?

Impostor Syndrome words

‘Impostor Syndrome’. You have heard about it – but what is it?You have seen it in social media posts, newspaper articles, event announcements. You have heard a group of colleagues casually drop it into conversation. You have heard jokes about it. But actually – what is impostor syndrome? Good question! What the heck do these 2 […]

Let’s be very clear about clarity

No clarity frustration

They are all at it – those politician types! They have a wide range of annoying habits to be fair – but this one is right up there on the annoying scale! Fear not, I am not going to veer off into political commentary  – I am however going to draw attention to a thing […]

Impostor Syndrome and fear of feedback

Fear of Feedback Impostor Syndrome

Not listening to feedback is one thing…but what about not asking for feedback? Not asking for feedback means we miss out on testimonials and perspectives… so why would we make a decision NOT to ask for feedback …​ Fear of feedback can be a sign of you fighting with impostor syndrome feelings – stay with me on […]

The assumptions that feed self-doubt demons

feeding self-doubt demon

False assumptions feed unhelpful self-doubtWe all make assumptions – we are human.  We all have moments of self-doubt – we are human! At a certain level both of these are healthy.  After all, making assumptions is part of our survival wiring and self-doubt can be a healthy checking process. However – what happens when the assumptions are […]


Dear Teenage Me #dearteenageme – a brilliant hashtag idea for #WD2019When this came on to me radar – I could not resist entering into the spirit of it all! In line with International Women’s Day 2019 – it felt so right to feel like the strong version of my ‘slightly tormented’ teenage self! Here is the […]

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