Dear Teenage Me #dearteenageme – a brilliant hashtag idea for #WD2019When this came on to me radar – I could not resist entering into the spirit of it all! In line with International Women’s Day 2019 – it felt so right to feel like the strong version of my ‘slightly tormented’ teenage self! Here is the […]

Earn their respect

Leadership needs these 2 things Empathy and vision.  It is also a case that empathy and toughness are not incompatible!  This is an extract from The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene – I recommend you get this book! It is available on Audible – a great way to enjoy the contents. TRANSCRIPTThis is a really […]

Instant impact

Instant impact is hard to rewind!I am sure none of the following first impression faux-pas will ever apply to you, but here is a reminder of how to make a negative instant impact. It is so easy to set up a barrier between you and those you ‘communicate’ with – it can happen in an instant. […]

What impact are you having?

Read on if you are a business owner, employee or student (covered most bases there!). Read on if you are interested in fine-tuning the impact you have on others when you communicate – and are open to having some tactics to try. As a coach who encourages my clients to try things out, to role play […]

6 books – 6 insights

6 books to help you become an even better communicator in 2019. In the spirit of end of year traditions – I thought I would share 6 book recommendations. If you chose to work with me in 2019 – elements of these insights will almost certainly come up! Whether it is working on a fear […]

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