Impostor Syndrome and fear of feedback

Fear of Feedback Impostor Syndrome

Not listening to feedback is one thing…but what about not asking for feedback? Not asking for feedback means we miss out on testimonials and perspectives… so why would we make a decision NOT to ask for feedback …​ Fear of feedback can be a sign of you fighting with impostor syndrome feelings – stay with me on […]

The assumptions that feed self-doubt demons

feeding self-doubt demon

False assumptions feed unhelpful self-doubtWe all make assumptions – we are human.  We all have moments of self-doubt – we are human! At a certain level both of these are healthy.  After all, making assumptions is part of our survival wiring and self-doubt can be a healthy checking process. However – what happens when the assumptions are […]


Dear Teenage Me #dearteenageme – a brilliant hashtag idea for #WD2019When this came on to me radar – I could not resist entering into the spirit of it all! In line with International Women’s Day 2019 – it felt so right to feel like the strong version of my ‘slightly tormented’ teenage self! Here is the […]

Instant impact

Instant impact is hard to rewind!I am sure none of the following first impression faux-pas will ever apply to you, but here is a reminder of how to make a negative instant impact. It is so easy to set up a barrier between you and those you ‘communicate’ with – it can happen in an instant. […]

What impact are you having?

Read on if you are a business owner, employee or student (covered most bases there!). Read on if you are interested in fine-tuning the impact you have on others when you communicate – and are open to having some tactics to try. As a coach who encourages my clients to try things out, to role play […]

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