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Have this insight on me - a look at the barriers to effective communication - fascinating stuff is it not?

How to break down the barriers? Spot - Stop - Sort

What to look out for?

Inner Story

  • Self-doubt to Impostor Syndrome 
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Values
  • Associations
  • Assumptions
  • Bias
  • Self-awareness/ lack of it

Hidden Story

  • All of the above exist in the people you are communication with
  • There are things about you that you are not aware of - need honest feedback

Situation Story

  • Being present means you listen and observe - you are aware of change
  • What effect is the environment having on the communication
  • What is going on in the wider world that might influence the communication

Communication is a huge subject - complex in some ways - simple in others! Main point - keep learning and observing.

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